Almost everyone has heard about the advent of massively multiplayer online games, also called MMORPGs. Lots of people have gotten lost in these various worlds.

There's World of Warcraft, Guild Wards, the Matrix Online, Star Wars Galaxies, and many others. Even the popular Sims games has gone online.

The big advantage of MMORPG games is that you can explore their diverse, detailed worlds not only by yourself, but in the company of many other players. Anyone can play from any location in the world, making MMORPG games one of the great unifiers.

Being the only real person in a vast world, the way it is in a conventional RPG, can be pretty lonely. In MMORPG games, you'll never have to worry about that.

While there are still plenty of NPCs in these games to dispense quests and provide background interest, all the other characters you'll encounter will be real live people. Play happens in real time, and your adventures will never end, because the game has no defined ending.

You could probably play MMORPG games forever, if real life didn't interfere. Here are three examples of popular MMORPG games that you might enjoy.

1. World of Warcraft. This is the most popular of the MMORPG games on the market. It has the largest number of subscribers, and offers a detailed gaming world based on its Azeroth setting.

This setting has its own history and mythology, making playing it a vivid experience. High production values and many players mean that the world feels truly immersive. Players can choose from the human-based Alliance (the good guys) or the Horde (the bad guys). Expansions continue to add detail and depth to the world, as well as new options for player races and classes.

2. Everquest II. This game has been around for a long time, and held the number one slot in MMORPG games for most of its history. This game offers better graphics and play mechanics than its predecessor, but maintains the same world - Norrath - and the same engaging stories that have kept people coming back for years.

3. Star Wars Galaxies. This popular franchise is now also one of the many MMORPG games. Boasting the rich and easily recognized universe and mythology of Star Wars, this game allows you to play in lots of familiar settings and join the characters you know and love,

There are lots more MMORPG games than the ones listed here. These are just the most popular and accessible to beginners. Once you've gotten more familiar with the way MMORPG games work, you can choose to explore other options. There's something for everyone!

There are more choices of course, as MMORPG games abound in this day and age. There is sure to be an MMORPG perfect for your expectations. But the three games we have mentioned are the best options for beginners, both in terms of quality and play mechanics.