The MMO Warhammer game, known as Age of Reckoning, centers around the battle between the forces of Order and Destruction. Each force is actually made up of three races, each with a grudge against a specific race of the opposing realm.

Although a lot of players just enjoy fighting other players for no specific reason, you might be interested in the history of the feud between the various races. Here they are:

1) Empire against Chaos – the Empire is the largest human civilization and is seen as the bastion of order in the world of Warhammer. Human civilization is the most dominant race in the setting of the MMO Warhammer, simply because they are rapidly proliferating and developing technologies and magic for their use.

However, the Empire is prime target for the forces of chaos which seek to corrupt the realm and consume humanity. As it is, the Empire faces a constant battle for the homeland.

The forces of Chaos stand for the corruption of every flaw of humanity and are continually assailing the Empire. Should the Empire fall, the hoards of chaos will run rampant throughout the universe, destroying everything in its path.

2) Dwarfs against Green Skins – the Dwarfs were once one of the most powerful of civilizations -made so by their craftsmanship and ingenuity. Their wealth was unrivaled and their power uncontested.

However, a war with the elves and a string of natural disasters have weakened the race, which prompted the Green skins (a collective of orcs and goblins) to attack them and start a war that has lasted for ages.

Most have speculated that the Green skins have been influenced by the forces of chaos to attack the dwarfs in order to prevent the dwarfs from aiding the Empire. in the MMO Warhammer, players who choose Dwarfs or Green skins should expect a battle filled with old grudge.

3) High Elves and Dark Elves – these two combatants spark from the same race, but their feud was started when Malekith, a former heir to the highest throne of the High Elves, was denied his so-called birthright – a result of his being judged too corrupted and dark.

Bitter and scarred, Malekith was banished along with those loyal to him and became the Dark Elves. Players who choose to join either side in the MMO Warhammer enjoy a higher control over magic as well as weaponry rivaled in craftsmanship only by the Dwarfs.

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