According to the Bible , money " answereth all things " and the " love of money is the root of all evil . " And then , as the Beatles later put it, money can't buy you love . So what is money ? And what does it mean to us ? Is it good or evil ? Does it give us happiness or misery ? Is it something we should strive for or goal in itself ?

Regardless of your personal feelings and approach to money , at the very least you could hardly question that it is a means to an end . Unless you are able to build your own house , farm your own food and make your own clothes , money is the vehicle to basic sustenance . Beyond that, we can all agree that money help to achieve education , allow you to travel , and give you the ability to spend time doing things other than work . That is , money can make your life better and easier . And that's what personal finance is all about - managing money with an end in mind of achieving goals , while avoiding the problems that arise when there isn't enough money .


In economics, money is just commodity . This may sound kind of strange - as if money could be trade around in bushels, and barrels, or boxes , stored in silos and warehouses ; or sold in lots and shipped in rail cars to the highest bidder. Well, that's actually true - though in a fiqurative , not a literal , sense . Money is " Stuff " just like the '' Stuff we buy with it . ``We use it to receive the value of what we produce ( by working , selling , or investing ) and to transfer that value to something else ( food, transportation, clothing , shelter, or pleasure ) that we need or want . Having money,by itself , doesn't really mean anything about wealth; as we know , you can have money in your pocket but owe $ 3,000 on your credit card bill :-)