In this review article on Puerto Rico Beaches Im going to focus on beautiful VIEQUES ISLAND.

Vieques Island is about 8 miles east of the main island of Puerto Rico and may be reached by boat or by ferry from Fajardo. Its about a 20 minute ferry ride out of Fajardo and definitely Viequses is a "must experience" for all visitors. When you visit Vieques Island you will see how the "Old Caribbean" was many years ago as there are no big condos, no big resorts, many beautiful, undeveloped beaches and the main town on Vieques is Esperanza, which has a great little outside bar where locals and tourists drink and dance and mingle and be happy. The main activities on Vieques

Are exploring the beautiful waters, diving and snorkeling are as good as it gets in the Caribbean but there are also great hiking trails, bicucling, horseback riding an d other activities for nature lovers.

The best thing about Vieques though is the beaches and below are some beaches that every visitor MUST experience.


Known as Bahia de la chiva on Vieques, Blue Beach is a secluded beach perfect for visitors seeking peace and solitude, on Blue Beach you will find perfect Blue beauty in a peaceful and uncrowded setting. Blue Beach is on the Southern Shore of the island and the water is always calm.


Sun Bay Beach is a favorite among locals and travelers because of its easy accessibility and facilities. Sun Bay Beach offers picnic tables, restrooms and a campground and truly is a picture perfect uncrowded beach and the water is calm and clear and makes Sun Bay a great swimming and snorkeling Beach. Sun Bay Beach is on the Southern shore of the island an d the water is almost always very calm.


Green Beach is on the Northern shore of Vieques and gets its name from the lush, green flora along the coastline of the beach. Green Beach is very popular for snorkeling and family friendly waters.


Mosquito Pier Beach is a very popular diving spoy on ther North East part of Vieques.Its also a very opoular fishing spot among locals and visitors. Night fishing is excellent at Mosquito Pier. The view standing on the Pier is beyond description also. It has to be experienced in person.


Red Beach is very popular with local families and visitors because of its facilities. The U.S. Fish and wildlife services have bult several gazebos around Red Beach making it a very family friendly beach. Of course, the crastal clear blue water is also very popular.


Esperanza Beach is located at the main town on Vieques, Esperanza.

The little town of Esperanza is home to some good restaurants, good shopping ad Esperanza Beach is a fun, beautiful beach with crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling and swimming. You can walk along the strip at Esperanza and enjoy watching the fisherman coming with their catch or just relax on the beautiful sand or swim in the clear, calm water.

All of the beaches on Vieques are unique and wonderful and really there is no "best beach" on Vieques, all the beaches on Vieques are worthy to be called the best beach.

When you are out enjoying one of the great beaches of Vieques remember not to leave valuables unattended on the beach, they will disappear on Vieques just like anywhere else. Leave your purse and valuables in your room. As long as you follow general common sense you will be safe on the beaches of Vieques and you will experience the best of the Caribbean also!

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