Here we have an introduction to something very different – it's about arrows and it can help you to point things out or make what you mean much clearer. Sometimes people feel lost when you are mentioning words you said before, but after reading this article, you will know how to cope with that kind of situation.

Arrow symbol for MSN

Well, we can see there is a potential market for these special MSN arrow symbols which could meet all kinds of requirements of individuals. Actually, some of them are already hidden in your computer which maybe you didn't know. The list below can help you to insert them into your MSN chats and status or wherever you want them!

MSN arrow symbol

Vertical double ended arrow symbol

This arrow is showing some kind of measuring process which you can use to measure the height or shape of things you are talking.

Vertical arrow pointing up symbol

When you are showed this symbol, your eyesight normally will go up with the orientation it pointed. True, that is the purpose of using it and you got the meaning of using this arrow in your chats!

Vertical pointing down symbol

How is your feeling when seeing this symbol? Your heart sank with the pointed down symbol? That is also the normal meaning of this symbol. Besides, you can also use it when you need to point at something below you.

Horizontal right pointing symbol

If you want to show something on the right, this is a good choice to mark it. Also, you can make this symbol appear in your status to show your difference compared with others.

Horizontal left pointing symbol

Looking backwards (or at least to the left) means a left pointing symbol is the one for you!


Horizontal double ended arrow symbol

This symbol can be used to measure the width of something or maybe you can use it to play a joke on your friend, such as: you remind them their figure will have development from side-to-side after they ate a lot during a late night dinner!

Double pointing left arrow

Want to point something out or left? This one is helpful to make you manage this.


Double pointing right arrow

This is the one you could be added to your status or your name to make them highlighted.

All the arrows we mentioned above are very useful for you during your chats as well as your name and status. Why not share your knowledge of others in the comments section below?