MSN messenger is an online communication program that's really popular. After downloading and installing the program you can add friends while using their e-mail addresses and after they accept the adding you can start communicating with them. In this article I will describe what MSN messenger is and how you download and install it.

What is MSN messenger?

MSN messenger is a program you can use when you want to chat without seeing each other. You simply download and install the program and afterwards you add the friends you would like to speak to your contact list.

After your friend has accepted you too, in his or her contact list, you can chat whenever the two of you are online. When you are online and you see another one online with whom you'd like to have a conversation, you click on the person and a screen will open. In this screen you will find a place to type some text in. When you finished your text you press enter and the text will now appear in the screen and both you and your friend will be able to read this.

How do I add friends to MSN messenger?

You can add friends to your MSN messenger contact list once you have installed the program. This is really simple, you simply use the e-mail address your friend gave you. You enter the e-mail address in the box that's called: add new contact. Then press enter and a friend request will appear in the screen of your friend when he or she is logging in on MSN.

However, not all e-mail addresses correspond with MSN. Examples of people that will be accepted at MSN are those who use a hotmail, live or gmail e-mail address.

How do I know whether I, or one of my friends is online?

When you want to be online, you sign in. You do this by filling in your e-mail address and password. MSN messenger will try to connect you then. When you are logged in, your contact list will appear. You are able to change your status over there. Options you have include: online, appear offline and away. Usually when a person is having a green icon, this means they are online and open to anyone. When the icon is grey you know your friend is offline.

How can I change my name and add an avatar?

Changing your name is really easy. When you see your contact list you will see the words: my status, and below that your name appears. Simply click there and fill in the name you would like the other to see when they are chatting with you. Many people use fake names, this might not be smart if you want others to recognize you.

Avatar add isn't hard either. When you are having a conversation you will see an avatar. Click there and you will see the possibility to change the picture. You can take pictures that are part of MSN automatically, or you can choose a picture you saved at your computer.

How do I download and install MSN messenger?

Downloading and installing MSN messenger is incredibly easy. First of all I will explain how to download the program:

1. Visit and press the button, download for free using the right button of your mouse.

2. Read the agreements and press on the button install.

Next you will have to install the program:

  1. Now a screen will be opened where you will be able to click on a button that will start the installing process.

  2. Choose the things you would like to install and click on these.

  3. Do what the screen is asking you for.

Why would I use MSN messenger?

    • MSN messenger is really easy for the user.

    • It's an easy way to contact friends that live to far for a real life chat.

    • You can even make free phone calls using MSN.

    • You can send documents, photos and music via MSN.

    • You can even speak to more than one person at once, it's also possible to add more than one person to one conversation.

    • You can play games on MSN.

    • MSN messenger is free.