Music, the most magical thing in the world - it can make your eyes burst into tears when you are happy or let you smile from the bottom of your heart when you are gloomy. Nothing in the world can compare with music, which is also the universal language of the entire globe. We can't communicate if we talk with people who speak another language, however this is easily solved by rhythms.

MSN music note

You can even see the power of music tunes and you you will be cool every time you use the musical symbols in chats or insert them into your name or status!

Here we have offered many symbols from music tunes and you can just copy and paste them to your own computer for your individual needs (especially if you can't find in the alt codes to do them automatically).

MSN music symbol

musical quarter note

Basically, you can use this music note symbol in your MSN status as well as some kind of social networks, such as your facebook status or on your Myspace page.

♪ – musical eighth note

This is the first basic music note of icon, it looks like the high heel shoes of young ladies, which will make you feel like your life is full of sunshine when you see it!

♫ – musical single bar note

A music single bar note symbol – this is your better choice for putting around lyrics for a song!

♬ – musical double bar note

A big double music note, looks like a naughty child is dancing to music! Why not insert it in your WLM status today?

♭ – flat note

It looks a bit like the letter 'b', but it's actually a different character which you could paste to your computer when you need a flat note smiley.

♮ – natural note

This is the natural note character.

♯ – sharp note

This music symbol is for 'sharp' (it could be b sharp, a sharp etc).

Stay tuned and we will keep you updated about more MSN music note symbols – why not become a fan of this hubpage so you can get more updates more often? If you know some different MSN music symbols or icons, why not share them with us in the comments?