The most popular emoticons enable your life online to be full of laughter and happiness, which makes up part of your real life. Sometimes, you may feel like that your online chatting would be boring without those funny and interesting emoticons. But it happens occasionally when you use some programs such as Meebo or other web based MSN clients – and it won't let you use those emoticons and smileys that you've installed on your machine. Then what are you going to do? Feel disappointed and lost? Take it easy. We can help you on this weakness by introducing some special character symbols for your chats!

MSN star symbol

There are hundreds or thousands of symbols for you to choose from through the internet. But the star symbols may be your first option as it is meaningful and common to see.

MSN star symbol

Star of David

First, we'd like to share with you the star of David. As an iconic image, this star is easily found in religion, art and science as well as some organizations or groups, through which we can see its popularity. Then what are you waiting for? Just copy and paste, it will be under your control.

star solid

This solid star is widely used through the whole internet - maybe because of its versatility. You can use it when you meet someone impressed you or give other good praise. It is up to you.

star outline

This white star symbol nearly has the same function with the one above. However, it also looks more misty and shinning which could be your better option to use, as it could also be used to make up some kind of DIY scenery pictures!

As I mentioned before, we have tons of characters or symbols to share with you, of which the MSN star symbol is just one. So don't forget to come by sooner or later in order for us to let you know when our post is updated. And if you know more symbols that you can use in your MSN chats, why not share them with us by commenting?