The Road to Recovery

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic condition with no known cure so how can it possibly be claimed to be on the Road to Recovery. Much research is being done to discover new drugs to treat this debilitating condition with little concrete evidence of success.

I have long accepted the fact that with MS there was little I could do to improve my situation. I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis for over 20 years and, thankfully, most of this time I have suffered relatively mild symptoms but, in the last year or so my symptoms have worsened considerably and I began to, genuinely, worry about my life-expectancy.

That was until I was introduced to a book by Dr. Terry Wahls entitled The Wahls Protocol. I immediately purchased the book and sat down to read it in detail. In the book, Dr. Wahls believes that many chronic conditions like MS are caused by a cellular imbalance in the body.

Her argument that improving the mitochondrial health of your cells will allow the natural healing of the body cells is backed up by her own personal experience in reversing her Secondary Progressive MS symptoms and her work in her brain-trauma clinic.

MitochondrionCredit: Royalty Free

Her belief is that given the optimal environment and the correct fuel, the mitochondria in the cells will thrive producing the necessary energy for the natural healing of the body. In order to achieve this miracle, it requires a stringent eating regime to support a good diet providing the mitochondria with all the vitamins and minerals needed from the healthy food that is available to us all. Vitamins obtained from supplements are synthetic and do NOT provide the full range of nutrients our cells need to facilitate the healing process.


Re-establishing the health of your mitochondria can have huge potential to improving the prognosis for:


  • Diabetes

  • Heart Failure

  • Hepatitis C

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Schizophrenia

  • Mood Disorders

  • Epilepsy

  • Stroke

  • Neuropathy

  • Memory Problems

  • Autoimmune Disease

  • Multiple Sclerosis


The Wahls Protocol is not just a diet, it is a lifestyle change. It changes the way you view your eating habits, it changes the way you view your body and it changes your whole outlook on your future with your chronic illness. It is transformational and will quickly repay the effort of adopting a new eating regime.

I have taken my first steps on my Road to Recovery and I am feeling better already. I have only been on the Wahls Protocol for two weeks and the benefits are astounding. I am acutely aware of the placebo effect and am therefore cautious of getting too excited too soon. My health degeneration was years in the making so any lasting recovery is equally likely to be years in the realising.

So what might be a realistic timescale for a full recovery. I have seen significant improvement in only two weeks, my chronic pains are reduced and less frequent, my eyesight is much improved but I still need to wear glasses to watch TV and I still do not drive. I am walking better but still use a cane and have limited range. These are all wonderful achievement but are still a long way short of a full recovery.

Our bodies are constantly replacing the cells and the molecules within the cells, but at differing rates.


Stomach Lining

1 - 2 weeks


1 year

Liver & Kidney cells

1 - 3 years


7 - 10 years

Heart Muscle cells

15 years

Bone minerals

20 years


Depending upon where your deficiencies lie will determine the length of time of any possible recovery. With MS it is myelin that is degenerating and full recovery could take up to 7 years AND that is assuming that the nerves, themselves have not been damaged.

My myelin has been degenerating for 20 years, so it could easily take 10 years to replace it. I have lost no physical movement or sensation so I have to assume that no nerve damage has yet occurred. Yes I have muscle atrophy, due to lack of use, but that will be restored as soon as I can start exercising again.

I need to give my body the correct nutrients and a non-hostile environment in order to facilitate any recovery. Following the Wahls Protocol provides me with those essential ingredients, AND that provides belief, REAL belief. And having something real to believe in gives you a huge psychological boost which, in turn, gives your wellbeing a terrific kick-start.

The Wahls Protocol is not a quick fix it is a paradigm lifestyle change that has the potential to reverse your chronic illness.