What is a MSc Project Managment degree?

A Masters Of Science Degree In Project Managent, or MSc Project Management, is a graduate program in which students learn the methods, techniques, and concepts that will help them become effective leaders. It is one of the oldest and most recognized specialized degrees in education. The curriculum can vary program to program, but the basic concepts are the same. Planning, scheduling, budgeting, and completing projects from beginning to end are the most widely covered topics, however specialized training in things like information technologies, or building code could be emphasized depending on which program you choose.

Who makes an ideal MSc Project Management candidate?

The ideal MSc Project Management candidate has natural leadership characteristics, is self motivated, and enjoys detail oriented organization. Additionally, they will have completed their bachelors studies with good marks, possibly while gaining experience in their desired field though internships or outside work. One of the most important characteristics of a good project manager is the ability to anticipate and manage risk. In any project there will always be uncertainty, but as project manager, one important responsibility you will face is the ability to research, estimate, and account for risk in your plan and budget.

What can you do with a masters degree in project management?

Your potential employability should you complete your masters in project management can reach as far as military or government positions, health industry leadership, or manufacturing process management. Generally project management graduates will start in senior level positions, with higher earning power, and more responsibility.

Average project manager salary: How much does a project manager make?

On average, a senior level project manager will earn between $80,000 and $125,000 per year. Like any position, earnings depend entirely on the persons ability, experience, location, and network. What specialization you choose has the greatest impact on earnings. Information technology have the highest earning potential on average, whereas general project managers have the lowest earnings.

Covering everything from finances, communication, politics, and risk management, a person with a masters in project manager has quite an advantage over their peers. As one of the oldest and most respected degrees available, you can expect a bright future should you choose to pursue your masters of science in project management. Additionally, with the acceptance of online degrees growing, the possibility of earning your MSc Project Management degree from home while gaining experience from your day job is becoming more and more popular.