MTD Yard Machines Snow Blower

What kid would not be relieved to finally be able to put away the heavy snow shovel for a chance to use one of the MTD Yard Machines snow blowers?

These two-stage snow blowers make a world of difference when faced with yards upon yards of snow covered walkways and driveways. These yard machines really take a good challenge and still come out on top at the end of the day.

Heavy snow drifts and hardened snow do not stand a chance against the two-stage MT Yard Machines snow blowers. What a kid needs is one of these snow blowers to help them earn money for their own car.

When the neighbors see the difference a two-stage snow blower makes on a yard, they will be clamoring for the kid to come and clear their driveways and walkways. The yard machine will more than pay for itself in the years to come.

The two-stage MTD Yard Machines snow blowers come with a 26-inch clearing path with a self-propelled snow blower that uses the strength of a high powered engine. Its 16-inch intake height makes for easy handling.

A recoil starter is designed large enough to be grasped with gloves on without slipping. The two-stage 24-inch MTD Yard snow blower is featured with an electric push start mechanism and has a typical six speed forward gear system with a two speed reverse.

The downside complaint of this model is the crank handle needed to rotate the chute, unlike the smoother transitions of the other top brand models of snow blowers.

The upside is the pitch control that directs the snow from the chute with greater ease. The other bonus is that this snow blower model comes with a two year warranty. Although these are one of the top expensive snow blowing models, they are well worth the money. These machines have been designed to give years of durable use.

The two-stage MTD Yard Machines snow blowers have three different 26-inch snow blowing models that have electric starts like the 24-inch models. These models have a 21-inch intake height and also have an added feature of a headlight.

The 26-inch model is the only one that features the headlight. This helps in low-light conditions and darker winter days, or for those long work days the kids have with making money, while cleaning off nearby neighbor’s driveways.

All of the 26-inch two-stage MTD Yard machines come with two detachable and interchangeable snow augers. The self-propelled heavy-duty monster can take the edge off any harden buildup of snow left on the driveway by a snowplow.

MTD yard machines snow blowers take pride in offering the best value for the best money. A self-propelled yard machine blower is the kind of purchased that will pay for itself down the line, with years of standing up to miles of driveway and walkways.

This is the perfect two-stage machine a kid needs to go about clearing the walkways and driveways. Think how happy a kid will be to never have to pick up another snow shovel.