The Griffin iMic USB audio adapter is a must-have accessory for any Mac user. I first looked into the Griffin iMic a few years ago when I was trying to connect both my electric guitar and my heaphones to my MacBook Pro. The audio in and audio out on the MacBook Pro share the same audio port which means that this is impossible without a USB audio adapter like the Griffin iMic. After getting my first Griffin iMic I went ahead and bought two more - one for my partners MacBook Pro and one for my iMac.

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The Griffin iMic USB audio adapter is plug and play on the Mac, no extra software is needed. All you have to do is change your sound settings in System Preferences to make sure you are using the iMic instead of your internal microphone and speakers. I made this process even easier by installing the free software SoundSource for Mac, which lets you choose your sound settings from an icon at the top of your screen.

Once connected the iMic allows you to connect both an audio in and audio out to the one USB port. What this means is that you can use headphones and a guitar, headphones and a microphone external speakers and audio input all through the same device. 

The iMic converts a signal from analog signal to digital (in) and digital to analog (out). The iMic itself internally processes the signal at a 24bit resolution but the Mac reduces this to 16bit. However, with third party ASIO drivers you can increase the support back up to 24bit meaning no loss in signal quality.

Having a Griffin iMic USB audio adapter also means that you can enjoy the higher quality headphones on the market that use seperate audio jacks for the speakers and microphone. I often use my Seihnheiser headphones on my iMac to listen to music or play video games. The sound quality is amazing and nothing seems to be lost in the conversion to digital.

Additionally, the iMic supports both line and mic level inputs which can be changed with the flick of a switch on the side. The Griffin has maximized the compatibilty of its product meaning that it works with almost any audio product you can think of. You can even convert your vinyl collection to MP3's for your iTunes library or for CD. Griffin even offers a free download of Final Vinyl software to help when you buy the product from their online store.

The Griffin iMic is great for musicians who want to play and record their guitar through their PC. It allows you to connect both your guitar and your headphones at the same time so you can jam out and record at midnight without waking the neighbours.

If you also have Windows PCs in your house do not worry - the Griffin iMic also work perfectly with them too. So PC users need not feel left out. 

There is not too much more to say about the iMic. It really is a simple but elegant accessory that solves a common audio grievance. The Griffin iMic USB Audio Device retails from $23 and really is an essential accessory for any Mac user.


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