Let me start off by saying that until about 6 months ago, I was a sold-out PC fan... also 6 months ago I bought my first Apple MacBook Pro, dasled in by its hardware specs and price (yes i was impressed by the price!)

Is a Mac better than a PC? Is a PC better? Which one should I get for myself? Which one should i recommend to others? All of these questions will be answers here and now!

Is a Mac better than a PC?

What is a Mac in all fairness? What about it makes it so that it's fans are so buzzed about it and why is it hated so much by it's enemy, the PC fan boys. 

Let's take a look at what a mac is made of:
- An Intel processor... just like a PC
- A graphics card ... just like a PC
- HardDrive, Motherboard, NetworkCard, Monitor, keyboard, mouse
Waaaaait a minute? Is this a PC. Well actually it is... A Mac is nothing more than a PC with a trademark. It uses the same components as a PC but it looks a little different.
So hardware wise a mac is not better than a pc... well not true. While it's internal components are roughly the same, the external ones are a bit interesting. 
- The screen on a Mac is of a higher quality than any PC, the case is made of aluminium and as my dad will tell you, that makes it extremely durable.
- A mac is thinner, when it comes to laptops, and if you're like me travelling every other day with the laptop strapped to your back it makes a huge difference.
- Support on a mac is a lot better, you just go to the apple store and they will usually have your problem solved on the spot, unlike some PC vendors I know of... 
- It is somewhat nicer to use. OS X is animated and colourful, looks very nice and it's not that hard to grasp. It's just a nicer experience in whole.
- You can and probably will software that has been design for PC because it works on a mac. That's including the Windows operating system. It works on a mac just as it would on a normal PC (to tell you the truth i think windows works a little better on a mac than on a PC, but maybe that's just me).
Well you could say from this that a Mac is better right? Well...

Is a PC better?

As we established above a Mac so far is just a glorified PC so that would make a PC better. Well yes and no. But PC's have their own set of advantages:
- They are cheap: The cheapest Mac, the Mac Mini, is 699$. In PC money, you can get a half-decent laptop for that and it will work just fine. 
- A PC is less restrictive. If I'm bored of my old harddrive I can just swap it with whatever else i want. If my RAM is old it's just as easy to get a new one. If i want to install a million operating systems on my PC nobody is stopping me. Heavens forbid you would want to have Linux, Windows AND MacOS X on your Mac.
- A pc has everything it needs inside it, out of the box. I'll explain what I mean. I have a 22" Samsung display that I use at home. I usually hook it up to something via an HDMI cable. ALL LAPTOPS HAVE HDMI PORTS, a Mac on the other hand dose not. To connect a mac you need a special converter that converts the HDMI cable to something called a mini-display port, technology of course invented by apple. Said converter costs 40$ in the apple store, which is a rip-off. 
- A PC is customisable. You can even mace a PC behave like a Mac. The other way around is also true but it's a lot harder to achieve.
- A PC can do more complex tasks. For example I've never, in my life have seen someone do low-level programming (geek term for highly complicated and sophisticated software-development) on a Mac. Because it's so restricted, it makes the programmer's life a pain.
- You can actually play games on a PC

Which one should I get for myself?

Depends all on you really. There is no better overall option, it's just the option that better suits you. I'll put it this way:
If: you don't have that much money, you just want to get the job done, you love customising things, you want to do complex IT work and don't care about looks and animations: A PC IS FOR YOU! 
If: you want to write emails, make moves , watch moves, listen to music, write blogs, use your computer as a fashion statement and don't mind spending an extra hundred dollars for quality equipment, then get a MAC.

Which one should I recommend to others?

DON'T!!! Seriously don't make any recommendations you will make your own life a living hell. If the said person takes your advice, but dose not like his/her acquisition, you will be the one suffering the most. If they do like it, all you're gonna get is a "thanks! NOW GET OUT! I want to play with MY new device". Best thing to do? Point them at this article ;)


The flame wars will go on forever. It keeps the fans entertained and gives them purpose, each of them always thinking that their device is better. What you should do is just follow your needs wants and desires and get the one that suits you best.