MacaoThe beaches of Punta Cana are typically know for their calm, turquoise blue waters, white sandy beaches, and groves of coconut trees. But there is an exception, where the sand is thick and golden like honey and the sea unleashes wave upon wave crashing against the shore. Where the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea becomes magnified. What is this Punta Cana beach I speak of you ask. It is none other than Macao, Punta Cana's surfer beach.

A Dominican Beach

Macao is a beach that highlights the best of local culture in my opinion. The venders are friendly and laid-back, offering a multitude of items such as umbrella and chairs, fresh fish lunches and artisan crafts. Solo guitarists trapse the beach serenading parties for voluntary tips. Photographers take photos on newlyweds honeymooning.  Macao Beach is a favorite of local Dominicans and tourists alike, particularly on the weekends. Bachata and Merengue  emanate from the speakers of cars as groups of young men and woman co-mingle in circles, passing around a bottle of Brugal and soda, joking and horse-playing incessantly.

Swimmers Beware

Macao IIThe sand feels absolutely delicious to the toes, inviting its guests to bury them deep below the surface. The view is amazing, with a gorgeous bluff to the south jetting out into the sea. Rolls of waves approach and retreat from the coast without recess. But be careful, as the tide can be strong at times pulling out to sea, making swimming a dangerous endeavor. This is why Macao is known primarily as a surfer's beach complete with a surfing school there to receive lessons. However if one is determined to swim,  there is a way to circumvent this danger by swimming close to the bluff which creates a natural cove, and thus safer waters.

For a little taste of Dominican beach culture outside of the resort areas, travel to Macao. It is located north of Bavaro and south of Uvero Alto. The people are friendly and the mood is tranquil, Caribbean relaxation in full effect. Macao is a great place to surf and lay out among the rich golden sand. However, if your aim is to swim, be sure to go the southern most part of the beach by the cove, so as to avoid any dangerous tides.