A macaw parrot peers at the camera

People have been keeping birds as pets for centuries, and parrots would have to be one of the most popular species of birds that people enjoy as animal companions. There are many varieties of parrots that can serve as pets, but those who want a bird that is intelligent, beautiful, and social should definitely consider macaw adoption.

About Macaws

Macaw parrots are perhaps the most familiar of all the parrot species on account of their large size and vibrant colors. These birds are commonly found in hues of blue, red, green, yellow, orange, and more, and they are some of the birds that people are most likely to encounter at zoos and aviaries. Macaws tend to have large tails and feathers, and their strong curved beak is a familiar sight for most people. Native to the rainforests of Central and South America, macaws are very sociable and in the wild they will often flock together in groups of ten or more, squawking at each other in parrot-speak that only they can understand. Their social nature makes them excellent pets, and they remain very loyal to their owners for their several-decades-long lifespan. Some have been purported to live up to sixty years.

The macaw parrot is very intelligent and can be trained to do a variety of different things. Zoos such as the Parrot Jungle in Miami, Fla., have taught macaws how to play little pianos, ride tricycles, and more. It is not likely that the average macaw owner will want to teach their bird to do such things, but they can receive a lot of entertainment from their bird if they give it a lot of toys to play with. Many macaw parrots can also mimic human speech, so owners can sometimes teach their birds to say a few words.

Macaws as Pets

Individuals who go through macaw adoption should understand several basics before they bring their A pair of blue macaw birdsbirds home. It is important, first of all, only to get a macaw from one of the many licensed macaw breeders. Unlicensed breeders may sell birds that are not purebred macaws, and they also may not have properly weaned the bird before they give it their owner. Weaning a bird can be very difficult and it is best taken care of before you bring it into your home.

When you buy a macaw, also understand that you need to have a cage for the bird to live in. Of course, you will want to release the bird from the cage and into your house for a short time each day so that it can get exercise, but it will want a designated place where it can eat and sleep. Keep it well supplied with macaw food such as seeds, nuts, and berries, and there are also special macaw feed mixes that are available at the local pet store.


Macaw adoption may be the best choice for you if you want to keep a bird as a pet. Consider these facts carefully and have fun picking out your bird.