Why the Macbook Air 11 Inch is the best laptop on the market

And definitely the best laptop ever made

The 11.6 inch macbook is the best laptop ever made for three reasons.  The first reason is the size.  This thing can literally fit in your pocket, if you have the right type of clothing (check out the SCOTT Travel Vest for a good example of this).  After buying the mac air, the first thing to go just might be your existing computer bag.  If you have a computer bag sized for a 15 or 17 inch laptop, this little macbook might get lost inside.  

This is not a bad thing!  Imagine lightening your load and carrying less than you used to--reducing back and joint strain.  Once you've got a stylish new bag, one that will help you declutter and simplify your life, you'll be ready to travel and work on the go, feeling and looking good while you do it.  

The mac air can even make the newest and smallest computers look big and bulky, but did Apple sacrifice performance to get the sleek measurments of the macbook air (.16 inches thin at the front)?

Of course Apple did not skimp on the performance here.  The lowest model mac air comes with a 64gb ssd drive, and 2gb of RAM.  Obviously, you won’t be able to do any high-end media work on this laptop.  For instance, if a macbook air is your only computer, and you want to work with Final Cut (for editing movies) or Logic Studio (for recording audio), the macbook air model is not for you.  However, if you use your laptop for writing, reading and browsing the internet, doing homework, and similar non-RAM-intensive activities, then you really cannot find a better computer.  

The solid state disc drive (or SSD) is 64gb on the base model.  This may sound like a very small amount, but you’d be surprised how long it could take you to fill up 64 gigabytes of space.  Of course, this is assuming  you will not be storing your media files here.  And why should you store them here?  With the introduction of the cloud services from Apple, Google, and Amazon, you don’t need to have your entire library of mp3s with you at all times.  Instead, you can stream them from Google’s, Apple’s, or Amazon’s servers.  

You may find yourself asking, why didn’t Apple put in a Hard Disc Drive (HDD), you know, the kind that spin.  Aside from taking up more room in a system designed to be thin and sleek, HDDs can be very fragile.  An HDD operates by reading a spinning disc.  I’m sure you’ve heard the statement “the more moving parts something has, the more prone it is to break.  Well, this is the case with the HDD.  The disc spins at over 5,000, sometimes over 7,000 revolutions per minute (RPM).  That’s alot of potential for failure!  Also, the disc itself is fragile, and if you live an on-the-go lifestyle, constantly jostling your HDD computer around is a recipe for disaster.   

Instead, the SSD drive is the same technology that you would use on a thumb drive, or a usb flash drive.  Another perk in favor of the SSD drive is that it is not affected by magnets.  An HDD will become damage if exposed to a powerful enough magnet, but an SSD drive will not be affected.  

So because the SSD drive doesn’t have to spin to start up, and spin while it is read, you will find that your system boots up and shuts down faster than you’ve ever seen before.  Your SSD drive will also read and write data much faster than an traditional hard drive.  You'll be astonished at just how quickly your computer boots up.

To recap, because the macbook air runs on a series of SSDs, it boots and loads faster, is not terribly fragile, is not suseptible to magnets, and the SSD takes up less space than a hard disk drive, which allows the computer to be slimmer and allows more space for the batteries.  Ah, the batteries.  The base model 11.6’’ Air can last between 5 and 7 hours.  That’s plenty of time to stay on the go, and have your laptop there for youwhen you need it.  

Macbook Air pulled apart

 The final reason the macbook air 11.6 is the best computer available, is because of what it can still do, while being so conveniently small.  It has a full size keyboard.  This means that your fingers won’t cramp from trying to type on something that’s 90%, 80%, or even 70% the size of a regular keyboard.  The screen on the 11.6 has enough pixels packed in that tiny space that you are getting the same quality picture you would on a 13’’ screen.  This means that your picture is incredibly clear and crisp.  The macbook air runs the latest version of the Apple operating system (OS), so it can run all the programs and do all the things a regular desktop computer can do.  It’s like having the convenient small size of an iPad with the full functionality of a legitimate computer.  

What do you think?  Do you agree that the macbook air 11 inch model is the best computer on the market?  It’d be great to see your comments on the matter.  Of course there are a few downsides to the macbook air, but they are so small they barely even rate being mentioned.  

Macbook Air 11Credit: http://www.apple.com

Lastly, this article did not mention the higher end 11 inch macbook air model or either of the 13” options, because it is the combination of the lowest price on the smallest machine that help make this the best choice for the truly mobile user.