General Macbook care is often overlooked but it is very important in prolonging the life of your mac and keeping it performing at its highest level. I'm not talking about anything overly technical, or all the different PC chores that everyone concerns themselves with such as defragmenting and the like because macbook's take care of a lot of that by themselves. I'm mainly talking about the simpler and more common sense things you can do to so your mac stays in as good shape as possible. Here's a simple guide to macbook care.


Steps To Take In Macbook Care

Avoid smoking around your macbook. Smoke can get in through the vents, build up and cause overheating problems and long term damage with the circuitry. For many, smoking and working on the computer go hand in hand but if you must smoke around your macbook you can help yourself as much as possible by taking care to blow the smoke in the other direction and not directly at the keyboard / vents. (Not really a solution but worth a try).

Keep the vents clear. I know it's called a lap top and designed for your lap but using your macbook on soft surfaces such as the bed can obstruct the airflow through the vents which in turn leads to overheating, meaning your fans have to work harder to keep the macbook cool, thus meaning more stress and wear and tear on components.


macbook care


Washing your hands before use is the simplest piece of macbook care and your keyboard will stay looking nice andwhite and free from too much bacteria. You know what they say about there being more bacteria on a keyboard than on a toilet seat. Nice.

Using the battery properly will prolong its life. Take care not to keep it plugged in all the time, you need to keep the battery juices flowing. The ideal way is to have it fully charged, run the macbook with battery power until run down then plug it back in and let it fully charge again. Not constantly over and over but its good to let it run down at least once every couple of days. 

Emptying the cache, clearing the history and deleting cookies is a piece of general macbook care to perform every now again. It clears out temporary internet files and can speed up the performance of your browser if you are finding that its running a bit slow.

Shutting down Vs Sleep with a macbook leads to mixed views and preferences, some people like to shut down their macbook every night and some just put it to sleep. I don't think there is really a right or wrong way but the advantages of just putting it to sleep is that when it wakes it will perform its daily routine maintenance whereas it doesn't if it was shut down. Personally I like to just put it to sleep most of the time with a full shut down every few days.

A full hard drive can lead to loss of performance from your macbook due to the lack of free memory, its recommended that you try and keep at least 25% of space on your hard disc free. External hard drives are in abundance these days and available at very low pricesvery low prices. Just free up some space by transferring some of your media to one of these.

Keep your macbook clean and remove fingerprints from the lid etc with a slightly damp, nice soft, lint free cloth. Wiping gently while the power is disconnected and taking care not to get moisture in or near any openings. If your anything like me and really want to keep it safe from knocks and bumps and in immaculate condition, there are some amazing Hard Shell Cases available.


Following these basics of macbook care should keep everything running pretty smoothly, the last two bits of advice go without saying.. do not drop it and try and keep your drinks away, no matter how careful you are accidents still happen.