Are AC Adaptors Supposed To Wear Out?

I was quite frustrated the first time I realized that I needed to buy a replacement AC adaptor power cord for my Macbook. I was even more ticked off the second time I had to buy a replacement cord for my Mac. What I didn’t realize at the time was that many Macbooks are sold with defective cords, prompting the need for a replacement much sooner than you might need one. The first time I bought a new cord, I had only had my computer for about six months. I work from home, and don’t put my AC adaptor cord through much in the way of stress. I have never shut it in the couch, dropped it or closed it in a door. I wondered how many other people needed to buy computer replacement cords or notebook replacement cords for their computer.

Signs It Was Time To Buy An AC Adaptor Cord Replacement

I never noticed a difference in charging time. Rather, I noticed that my computer was often not charging when I plugged it in. I would have to jiggle my cord to make it charge. Over time, the jiggling stopped working and I found that I needed to unplug my computer, and then re-plug it. After a while, my computer would only charge if the cord was kept in a certain position, often coiled over itself at least once. I assumed that there was a short in the wires inside. In hindsight, I probably should have contacted Mac about whether the cord was under warranty. However, I had read quite a bit of feedback online that indicated that Mac had been less than helpful with other people who tried to get the defective cord covered under the Mac warranty.

There were many place online where I was able to obtain a computer replacement cord for a great price. However, I was told that if I purchased a non-genuine product and used it with my Mac, that it would void any warranty that was left. Non-OEM parts were not authorized for use, so I went to the Apple store and paid an outrageous amount of money for a new cord.

About a year later, I had the same problem. Sometimes my cord would charge my computer, and sometimes it wouldn’t. Then, I had to start positioning the cord properly for it to charge. I was disgusted. I could not believe that after all the trouble I had gone through with my replacement Mac cord that it was happening yet again! As much as I love my Apple computer, I am not a fan of their customer service, or their cords. I think that when you purchase an Apple or Mac product that you should expect the highest quality item possible. This is apparently not the case with Mac AC adaptors.

This time, I smartened up and purchased a generic AC adaptor online. I have no complaints. I have been using the same generic AC adaptor for two years and have not had a single problem with it. I guess Mac really is the problem. You cannot tell that the AC adaptor is generic, unless you look at it very closely. The most important part is, it charges my computer properly, the way it’s supposed to. All that nonsense about not purchasing OEM parts for an Apple computer are unfounded. On the contrary, a non OEM replacement cord seems to work much better then a genuine Mac replacement adapter and certainly lasts a whole lot longer. I am thrilled with the replacement cord, and wouldn’t buy a Mac replacement cord ever again.

Mac AC Power Cord

How many times have you replaced your AC adaptor cord?