Mackie's HR824 Active Studio Monitors

Pros, Cons, and Recommendations

Mackie HR824

Any audio engineer knows that your mix is only as good as your monitors and your room.  It is important to have a finely tuned room and an accurate pair of studio monitors whose sound translates to the real world.  Like all recording gear, monitors are expensive, and it is important to pick the right product before investing hundreds (or thousands) of dollars.  I have listened to many different monitors in many different studios, and I ended up buying a pair of Mackie HR824s for my recording studio.  Here is what I like (and don’t like) about them:


Accurate, natural sound reproduction means you can trust that your mix will translate well to other environments.  After all, everything sounds good in the control room, but will it sound good in the car?  How about on an iPod?

Acoustic Space Control feature lets you use these monitors in smaller spaces like a home studio.  You can basically adjust a setting to optimize the sound for half or quarter space rooms, which allows you tweak the bass response when, for example, your desk is right up against a wall.

Bass response down to 37Hz lets you get the bottom end of your mix right.  This is one of the most important and difficult parts of any mix.

Crystal clear highs up to 20kHz provide for a wide range of sounds, which is absolutely necessary when mixing any sort of instrument or vocals.

OmniMount makes it easy to mount these monitors on the wall or ceiling, despite their heavy weight.


They are expensive at around $700 each.  This isn’t necessarily overpriced for high quality active studio monitors from a great brand like Mackie, but it’s still a lot of money.

Weight and size – these monitors weight in at almost 35 lbs apiece, making them somewhat difficult to move around.  They are about 14 inches deep, so make sure you have plenty of desk space (and a big enough room) for them.

The rear panel is not very easy to access, and you will probably need a flashlight to read the legend.


All things considered, the Mackie HR824s are great studio monitors.  If your budget allows, you should definitely consider buying these for your professional or project studio.  Of course, you should go listen to as many monitors as you can before you buy anything.  Always trust your ears more than reviews or individual opinions!