Maclaren is planning to announce a recall of approximately one million of their strollers this week. All of their strollers that have been made from 1999 through 2009 have been deemed dangerous because of their hinges. Although there have been consumer reports about wheels falling off and bent metal, the claims that the recall are based on are much more harmful. Maclaren strollers have reportedly amputated the fingertips of around 10-12 children. This is due to hinges on the sides of the strollers posing a risk when the stroller is being opened.

The Maclaren stroller recall is for both single and double strollers. Instead of sending the entire stroller back or throwing it out the company wants to get the word out to as many owners as possible. They are reportedly sending retailers in the United States two hinges covers that are placed over both hinges to make them safe. If you have a Maclaren stroller and want to get the hinge covers keep an eye out for the official recall notice and/or contact the company. You may be able to go to the place where you purchased your stroller, but undoubtedly you should be able to get them directly from the stroller manufacturer at no cost to you.

In the meantime, watch your fingers and the little fingers and toes of your baby. It's easy to get a pinch in anything that opens and closes, especially something metal. Although a little over a handful of children were hurt because of the hinges you can also make sure to take extra caution when opening and closing the stroller. The problem is not widespread and this is a voluntary recall and company fix, so if you like Maclaren strollers then keep on strolling!