The MaclareMaclaren Volon Volo is intended for one baby aged between 6 months and 4.5 years old, with a maximum weight of 55 pounds (for those of you who don't know that is equivalent to 15 kilograms) and a maximum of around 8 pounds (equivalent to around 4 kilograms) in the goods basket. Basically, it is a good choice for mommies and daddies looking for a light weight umbrella style pushchair for travelling or to keep in the trunk. It is especially good on public transport and on holidays. The stability of the stroller frame is nothing like standard umbrella style strollers.

Along with the unit you get a rain cover. To be honest it is not the best one, but it does its job. The attaching can be tricky at first, but comes as second nature when you are used to it. The thing I like the most about the rain cover is that it fully covers my baby. It attaches to the bars of the frame. Also, it features small holes that you can connect to the unit as well, ensuring that no water gets in. The rain cover goes all over the edge of the canopy. This way it stays in place. And there is a basket on the side for the rain-cover or diaper and wipes.

The Maclaren Volo Stroller also features an adjustable hood which is made of durable material thMaclaren Volo Umbrella Strollerat may be washed. The seat is the seat is made of washable material as well and gives your baby a lot of support.

It also comes with a foot rest on the front. The foot rest is very important, so that smaller children can avoid sitting with hanging feet; it is good both for their comfort and circulation.
Swivel wheels are another important feature that increases maneuverability. Although Maclaren Volo is not intended for "off-roading" it handles rough terrain surprisingly well. Just be sure to lock the wheels before helping your child in or out of the chair. And remember to lock the wheels before going "off-roading."And while shopping in the local mall have the wheels on swivel. It makes it easier to maneuver the stroller in confined areas.

Folding is very easy and needs only short time; and once locked into place, the stroller is safe and secure and should fit into most car trunks. Unfolding is even more effortless. Just release the safety lock, and the unit unfolds. The carry strap is very securely attached to the stroller and it is long enough to fit over the shoulder. It is detachable, adjustable and features a shoulder pad for added comfort and extra support.