What is Macro Photography

The simple answer - it is a close-up or magnified image of a particular subject that shows objects in great detail.

I am new to Macro Photography and love it. For me, there is nothing more inspiring than capturing a macro image of a tiny insect or beautiful flower. You will be both fascinated and surprised at the minute details you will uncover, when capturing images in macro.

We know that spiders have hairy legs, although you will see even more details of the tiniest spider in macro photos.

Macro Photography - Butterfly Resting on flowerCredit: TakenBySharon

Cameras and Lenses for Macro

I believe this is a personal thing because the feel of a camera for you is different for me. Some combinations of camera and lenses are very heavy. Therefore, you may prefer a smaller point and shoot camera.

The Canon Power Shot S5IS has a separate button on the lens barrel for macro mode. This allows you to select the aperture and macro at the same time. Which I believe would be great for the beginner photographer.

Macro Photography - Spider GrevilliaCredit: TakenBySharOn

I am using a Nikon D5100 Camera with a Tamron Macro 90mm lens, which I love. The best way to find out what suits you is to try different combinations and ask for advice from more experienced photographers.

Macro Photography - Droplet of WaterCredit: Shar_on

Droplet of water captured in centre

Tips for Taking Macros

I have listed a few ideas below for you to try:

To take a good sharp close-up image, you need to move the lens out and a lot closer to the object you wish to capture.

Macro Phototgraphy - Black Fury CaterpillarCredit: TakenBySharon

Weather problems: Use a sturdy tripod when shooting flowers and insects especially when filming outside. This keeps your camera still, which is an essential part of capturing perfect macro images. Outside images are harder to capture because of the effects from the wind, lighting and shadows from the sun.

Movement: To prevent flowers from moving in the wind, try fixing flower stem to a stick, (where possible) in the ground, or ask someone to hold it steady it for you.


Macro Photography - MosquitoCredit: SharOn

Angles: Take macros from different angles, make sure you focus the light on the subject and that it is free of shadows. Do not hesitate to add extra lighting if needed. It could mean capturing a good image or a spectacular image.

Auto Focus: Forget the auto focus when taking close-up macros.

More Ideas on Taking Macros

Continuous Shots: Set your camera up to take multiple shots one after the other. This way if the insect moves you will capture every movement it makes.

Digital Photos: The beauty of having digital photos is that you can take hundreds of images and if they are not good, then delete them.

Always have your camera set up ready to take that special shot at a moment’s notice, or you will miss that special shot.

Macro Photography - Orange Macro TulipCredit: TakenBySharon

Conclusion: Practice makes perfect

The more you practice and experiment with the settings and different lenses, the more you will learn. Make notes on which lens and which settings work better for you. Once you have your beautiful photos you can also learn how to edit photos if not happy with the way it looks.

Refer to your notes, do your research and learn from other beginner photographers. You could also join a camera club and share your disappointments and achievements with others.

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Tips for Taking Macro Photography

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