There was a time in my life when I would not have been caught dead in a big and obnoxious fur hat on my head. Since I have been working outside for close to two decades now, I cherish anything that will keep my head and ears warm. The big fur lined mad bomber and Russian hats keep my head warm unlike any other hats on the market today.

One of the problems with these type of hats is that they are difficult to find. Not every store that carrys hats will carry these. Because of the scarcity of these hat, most people know very little about the types of hats that are available to them.

Here is a partial list of mad bomber, aviator and Russian fur hats that are available to both men and women.

Mad Bomber and Aviator Hats

Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat, this hat comes in a variety of colors. Made from geniune rabbit fur. The flaps can be snapped either up or down. If they are worn down, this hat will keep you warm unlike any other hat. These men's rabbit fur aviator hats also come in charcoal, navy blue, brown, copper, burnt orange, steel blue, khaki, Mossy Oak Camo, and black rabbit fur with a blaze orange top.

I own a rabbit fur black Mad Bomber type of hat. I purchased this one online from Cabela' This hat has saved my ears many times when I was out ice fishing on a cold morning on a frozen Alaska lake in sub-zero temperatures!

Women's styles include white rabbit fur with a white hat and white rabbit fur with a pink hat. These two hats are very stylish as well as warm.

Wool Buffalo Check Rabbit Fur Aviator Hats, this hat comes in a variety of checkered patterns. This is a more fashionable version of the rabbit fur aviator hat. The checkered patterns come in red, black and white and olive and black. These patterns look like the hunting coats that my grandfather used to wear.

Leather Rabbit Fur Aviator, this hat comes in black or brown leather. This hats was inspired by the hats worn by the "mad bombers" of WW2.

Snowflake Knit Lamb's Wool Rabbit Fur Cap, this stylish and warm knit hat comes in a variety of colors. The snowflake aviator cap comes in black, brown. cream, gray, and black.

Canvas Mad Bomber Hat, this mad bomber hat is made of rabbit fur and canvas and comes in a variety of colors. The hat comes in canvas brown, duck brown, moss green, and real tree camo.

Russian Fur Hats:

Also known as Ushanka or Trooper hats, these hats are even larger and more obnoxious than the aviator or mad bomber hats.

Rabbit Fur Russian Ushanka Hats, these large and warm hats come in both men's and women's styles. What separates the Ushanka hats from the other aviator and mad bomber hats is that these hats have full fur exteriors. The aviators do not have full fur exteriors. Men's style's come in gray, brown and black. Women's style comes in white.

Beaver Fur and Suede Russian Ushanka Hat, genuine beaver fur is used to make this gigantic, warm hat. This hat comes in brown and black. This hat also comes in raccoon, muskrat, black muskrat, coyote, blue fox and silver fox furs.

Coyote Full Ushanka Russian Style Hats, these hats are made from geniune fur. The full Russian hats are made from 100% fur. They also come in raccoon, beaver, black beaver, muskrat and black muskrat furs.

Most of the heat that is lost from the body during cold weather is lost from the head. If you put one of these hats on your head you will trap that heat, making your entire body feel warmer. Most people invest in a very warm parka, but they purchase a cheap hat. These hats are not cheap, but they are truly worth every penny you pay for them.

This is a nice rabbit fur hat available from Cabelas

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