Who can forget John Candy wearing the mad bomber hat on Uncle Buck. Remember him saying, "The very sight of this hat angers people." I still chuckle when I think about that scene. I really did want to wear the rabbit fur-lined mad bomber hat that my girlfriend bought me several years ago until the morning I sat shivering in a duck blind. I remembered that I had that funny looking thing at the bottom of my bag. I took it out and my partners began chuckling. After I put it on the hat warmed me up almost immediately. I have worn it on every cold outing since!

Hats are an essential part of the wardrobe of anyone who could find themselves outside in cold weather because a majority of body heat that is lost is lost through your head and ears. If you find yourself being forced for some reason to stay outside for an extended amount of time you will be happy that you have one of these hats. I am also going to say here, if you like to be outside during the winter like I do, a hat like this is a necessity.

Mad Bomber hats have been around for a long time. People who are forced or who want to be out in extreme cold like them because they keep your head and ears warm. The hat has ear straps that hang down to keep your ears warm. Some models have a snap that fastens under the chin. Your head will sweat if it is not extremely cold. f you become too hot, you can unsnap the chin strap and resnap them on the top of your head. They are not designed to be worn around as a fashion accessory. They are a functional hat designed for a specific purpose.

They come in many shapes and styles. From the huge obnoxious coyote fur Russian hat to the classic red and black checkered bomber hat, these hats are warm. Many bomber hats have a leather exterior with a rabbit fur liner.

Mad bomber hats are an essential addition to any winter outdoor enthusiasts. Mad bomber hats can be purchased at most top end sporting goods retailers. They can also be bought at sporting goods retailers on the internet at sites such as sierratradingpost.com, furhatworld.com or cabelas.com.