Madame Alexander stocking stuffers are not too hard to find if you like to do your Christmas shopping online.  If you are a doll collector or have someone in the family that would love one of these cute quality collectibles, and you want to add it to their stocking, then check out the lines on the market that are only 8 inches tall.

This size of toy will fit perfectly into the stocking and will put a smile on their face.  Madame Alexander loved to create classic dolls that fashioned the old silver screen classic movies.  You can get these dolls in all kinds of old movie themes, and these are a desirable collectible.

Not many people realize there is an actual “stocking stuffer” line with these dolls.  If you go to their main site you can see all the ones that were created specifically for the stocking and also for holidays.

Madame Alexander Stocking Stuffers

Madame Alexander 8 inch doll from Wizzard of Oz - Scarecrow

Wizzard of Oz, is just one of the lines she created characters in.  There are many others.  These dolls are also created in a larger size, but the smaller 8 inch stocking stuffer has become popular.  You can add to the collection each year for a great gift idea.  These are very detailed ones that are designed for the older child or adult who loves to collect.

The beauty of this smaller stocking stuffer line is that they are only approx. 8 inches tall making them a great collector item that does not take up too much room, and yet will also fit into a stocking, bringing a smile to their face.

You can get these online at the Madame Alexander site itself, or you can also find them on such sites as Amazon and Ebay.

Madame Alexander is an American brand that has become quite collectible.  Started in 1923 by Beatrice Alexander, she created dolls that fashioned after characters such as Scarlett O’Hara dolls from the movie Gone with the Wind for example.

There have been many popular ones since and some have become quite valuable and collectible.  The “Wendy” dollie that came out in the early 50s is very collectible.

So, if you have someone on your list who loves the Madame Alexander doll collection, or you think they would like to start collecting them, and you also want something that will fit in a stocking, then consider this line of stocking stuffers that they have produced for the market now.

Finding good stocking stuffers online can be fun.  You just need to allow time for delivery.  So don’t leave your shopping too late.  That poor old Christmas stocking tends to get left until last minute.  Why not put some thought into it this year? 

These stocking stuffers are the perfect size and will be appreciated more so than boring stuffers such as socks!

So, figure out their favourite classic movie, then search online at the site, or at Ebay or Amazon and find the small classic dolls that are fashioned after their favourite themed movie.

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Madame Alexander Dolls 8" Storyland Collection - Cinderella
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(price as of Jun 15, 2013)
this one is really cute and would be loved!