Lots of houses have odd shaped windows either because the designers wanted to make something a bit different or because it is an older house which tend to have larger sized windows there are lots of different types and designs as with most things but Made To Measure Vertical Blinds have seen a growth in popularity because lots of people like the looks of them and they fit in well to lots of different houses with varying decors. When choosing the type of blind to fit in with your house there are a few basic principles you can follow to get the basics right.

To start with try and get the basic colours the same or get ones that complement each other because if you get this part wrong they will clash and the blinds will stand out for all the wrong reasons there is no point in rushing this stage otherwise you may end up wasting your money on blinds that just don't work with your home at all. The other thing is style they all have different ways of folding it's just a matter of getting out there and looking at the different types available to see what you like the best.

With made to measure items like blinds it is so important to get the measurements of each of the windows in your house right otherwise you will end up with the wrong sizes and the room will look odd. The best way is to measure twice and write the measurements down both times this way you will know it is right or if you are not very competent at that kind of thing as a friend who is then you can feel more confident you have got them right. Alternatively some blind makers will visit your house to look at the windows themselves this is the best way to do it because any mistakes are their fault and not yours if you are going to a shop though the measurements will more than likely end up being your responsibility and if the fitter takes the measurement for you it will likely cost more because more of their time is taken up which if you are trying to save on costs is not a good thing.

Once you have selected the type, design and have got your measurements it is time to shop around because you can save a nice chunk of money if you are prepared to do this prices change hugely from place to place an there is no point in paying more than you have to remember to look online as well you may find a good quality online store at a fraction of the price that your local blind maker offered you just make sure they are made to a high standard before you hand any money over otherwise you may end up paying out for something that is not good enough to use in your home as any friends you know that have purchased Made To Measure Vertical Blinds for their recommendation.