Are they a worth it?

Made to measure curtains are also known as custom window treatments, designer curtains, etc… Just like anything else that is custom made, they tend to be more expensive than your box-store-out-of-the-package curtains. A lot of homeowners rule this option out before they even know what their needs are. They consider it too expensive, not worth it, and in general out of their comfort zone. They think they have to hire an interior designer or something. Custom window treatments are not always the right choice - but before you rule them out, read on to find out if they are right for you.

The benefit of made to measure curtains is that almost no one else is going to have the same window treatment hanging in their dining room. Your guests can't walk in and know that you bought them at Target or Pottery Barn. By selecting the fabric and style that will suit your needs the best you will have a look that no one else has. Whether you install lined curtains, sheers, or both will be determined by the kind of light control and privacy you would like. Add coordinating a valance or cornice to frame out the window.

You can also combine both ready-made curtains and custom window treatments. There are so many ready made curtain panels to choose from, which will allow you to just add a custom top treatment to create your own look.

Stationary Custom Drapes

Another way to cut costs is to use stationary curtain panels that are only for decoration. This cuts drastically cuts down on the amount of fabric needed, and you can even have them board mounted so you don't have to buy a curtain rod. You can see an example of this below.

Board Mounted Window Treatment

When you use custom designed window treatments you are able to use the exact same fabric and other coordinating patterns in other places in the room such as throw pillows, table runners, napkins, picture frames, etc…

You will notice in the photo below that there are two different styles of window treatments used. One style with the zig-zag bottom is used in on the sliding glass door, and the other treatment ( a faux roman), is used on the bay window.

Custom Made Window Treatments

Both window treatments are using different fabrics, but in the same color family, which works really well together. It allows the room to have visual interest by mixing and matching the textures and patterns used.

Window Valance 2

How to Find a Good Workroom

If you don't know of a local workroom, ask around at your local fabric shop. Call at least three fabricators - ask for a price quote and to see a sample of their work. Before ordering, be clear on who will be providing the fabric. If the workroom is, you may be able to negotiate a discount on the fabric – something in the 20% range.

You can also find workrooms online these days. When you use online curtain makers, you will have to take the measurements of the windows yourself. It is not difficult if you can handle a tape measure. Just print out the form they provide and make your measurements as accurate as possible. If you have already found the fabrics you want to use some online workrooms will allow you to ship COM (Customers Own Material), and some will not.

Made to measure curtains will be more expensive than the ones found in a package. You have to look at it like a furniture purchase. Depending on the number of windows in your room, the curtains can make more of a visual impact than your furniture. Custom window treatments aren't always the right choice, but don't rule them out before you get started!