Outdoor decor by itself is simply a novelty item designed to change the mood in an area. Since outdoor products tend to be expensive, it makes sense to purchase a product that is both functional and appealing in appearance. A product that serves dual purposes allows you to get more for your money. One example is in propane powered fire pits. Propane fire pits are designed with high quality materials and intricate designs. They're not just for show, however. These systems create a live flame that looks much like a conventional wood fire, keeping users warm outdoors. The ambient light created by the swaying flames is a welcome addition to any yard.

Madison Marble Fire PitThe Madison Marble Top Gas Fire Pit is one fine example of fine craftsmanship in action. Madison designed this propane fire pit to be completely unique. Upon inspection you can tell that this fire pit was designed from the ground up. The mushroom like base supports a beautiful marble top that contains realistic artificial logs. When this fire pit is in operation it creates an intimate and friendly setting where individuals can gather and converse. The rich table top is made from luxurious deep veined marble similar to the kind used on kitchen countertops. Beverages can be safely placed on the surface for instant access.

The mushroom shaped base is composed of deep brown colored wicker tightly woven and coated with UV blocker. The base has been carefully hand-woven to create a durable base that can safely support the table top and hardware for years to come. Unseen on the interior is a sturdy aluminum frame which provides structural support. The aluminum is coated with a weatherproof coating to maintain integrity even in the presence of harsh environmental conditions. Owners of the Madison gas fire pit only need to provide a standard propane gas tank for operation. Connect the fire pit adapter to the propane tank, open the valve and light up the fire. The gas burner is concealed beneath the artificial logs which sit in the fire bowl directly in the center of the marble top. Holes have been strategically oriented through the artificial logs to allow the flame to pass through realistically. The logs themselves are made from a fire proof material that has been colored to resemble the real thing. Madison also manufacturers a patio furniture set that matches the dark wicker design of the fire pit. However, this pit can be used as a stand-alone item while still looking appealing and classy.