Mafia Wars is a very popular Facebook and Myspace application that allows users to create their own character and build their mafia. As you play through missions on Mafia Wars you gain job mastery. Once you have mastered full job tiers 3 times in you will have completly mastered the job tier in Mafia Wars and you will gain a special reward. Here is a list of the job tier mastery rewards for Mafia Wars:

Mafia Wars New York Job Tiers

Street Thug Job Tier - (Pistol Bayonet) +4% damage dealt in fights

Associate Job Tier - (Bugatti) -7% damage received in fights

Soldier Job Tier - (Golden Skull) 30 second reduction on your health regen timer

Enforcer Job Tier - (Money Plate) 5% discount on property purchases

Hitman Job Tier - (Chainsaw Baoynet) 30 second reduction on stamina regen timer

Capo Job Tier - (State Senator) 5% discount on property repairs

Consigliere Job Tier - (Helicopter) 30 second reduction on energy regen timer

Underboss Job Tier - (Private Island) 5% bonus on job experience

Boss - (Golden Throne) 2x energy regen per regeneration period. This item can only be unlocked after you have mastered all of the job tiers in New York.

The New York job tier rewards are the best out of all of the rewards in Mafia Wars. These items will help you gain energy and stamina faster and have discounts on purchases in the game. These rewards are far greater than the ones in Cuba and Moscow in Mafia Wars.

Mafia Wars Cuba Job Tiers

El Soldado - (El Ray Roadster) 40 attack, 34 defense

El Capitan - (Guerrilla Commando) 38 attack, 35 defense

El Jefe - (Avispa Machine Gun) 54 attack, 24 defense

El Patron - (Che's Beret) 46 attack, 34 defense

El Padrino - (Cocodrilo APC) 42 attack, 56 defense

El Cacique - (Cazador Assault Rifle) 60 attack, 25 defense

The Cuba job tier rewards are all weapons, vehicles or armor. These items have great stats but are not that great compared to the New York job tier rewards in Mafia Wars.

Mafia Wars Moscow Job Tiers

Baklany - (Barsuk SUV) 36 attack, 52 defense

Boets - (Boss Karpov's Pistol) 50 attack, 38 defense

Brigadir - (Ex-KGB Bodyguard) 48 attack, 30 defense

Avtoritet - (Cossack Armored Vest) 18 attack, 48 defense

Same as Cuba, the Moscow job tier rewards in Mafia Wars are only weapons, armor or vehicles. These are great items if you are trying to fight other Mafias but the New York job tier rewards are by far the best in the game. Keep playing and you will eventually unlock all of the job tier mastery rewards in Mafia Wars.