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Infinite level cap allows players to keep leveling up without hitting a level cap

Fun leveling system

Expansions give players more areas to play in, more loot and more missions

Tons of items to choose from


Takes too long to gain energy, this makes it to where players can only really play the game for a short period of time each day.

Game becomes tedious after some time. Some missions require you to collect items that you can only get from completing other missions. This means that you will be repeating the same missions over and over again to get loot that you need to complete 1 mission later on in the game.

Full Review

Mafia Wars is a very popular text-based Myspace and Facebook game that allows users to create their own character and build their own Mafia. Millions of people play Mafia Wars every day. This game is very similar to most of the other games on Facebook and Myspace. When you first start the game, you get to choose from 3 different classes that will give your character different stat boosts. Next, you start completing missions, fighting other mafias and collecting loot. As you complete missions and fight other mafias, you will gain experience and level up your character. To help make your mafia stronger, you can invite your Myspace or Facebook friends to join your mafia. There are extra things that you can do in Mafia Wars as well like collecting certain set items to gain a set bonus, rob other player's territory and buy limited edition items. This is one of the first games of this kind but is still one of the most popular of all. Many games have tried to imitate this game's success but Mafia Wars is still one of the most popular games of it's kind.

In Closing

Mafia Wars is a great game. The game may get tedious after some time but it is a wonderful game to just pick up and play whenever you are bored. You can add Mafia Wars to your Facebook or Myspace profile through the applications page on either websites. Have Fun!