Many existing Mafia Wars tips fail to talk about how to recruit more members to your party. Instead, the focus is on accumulating money or energy. However, the more members you have, the better your odds are when you get in fights. This could lead to more money overall. For this reason, it is important to know the basics behind growing your mafia. This process begins in Facebook.

Within the Mafia game, you can send a recruitment request to any of your Facebook friends. Use this feature wisely, as some people might think such a request is spam. Focus only on friends who you know have an interest in gaming. If a friend is a complete stranger, read their profile to see what types of games they like. People who are playing existing Facebook games would probably enjoy Mafia Wars. The same is also true for those who like other games in the gangster genre.

But you'll want to find the Mafia Wars best jobs. If this does not work, consider another alternative: the forum signature. This is section of a post that allows one to advertise their personal URL. The best ones will have a catchy headline followed by a live link, (so a visitor can access the site immediately). In addition, it is common courtesy to have the signature match the overall theme of the forum itself. So, only advertise your request in gaming forums. If you can offer to show folks the best jobs in Mafia Wars, you'll have much better success.

Lastly, you can use blogs to recruit members. Write 10 or so posts using game-related keywords. Keyword analyzers like Word Tracker or SEO Book can help you find these terms if you cannot think of them on your own. From there, advertise your recruitment request. As your blogs get ranked in Google, a whole new audience will take an interest in the game.

This will happen almost every day, depending on the keywords you wrote about. In conclusion, the best Mafia Wars tips are the ones you just read about. True, they do not revolve around money, but they do provide insight on increasing membership, an element that is just as essential.