Now a days we are seeing a lot of wind turbines installed in many countries. These are contributing a lot in energy requirements of the world. But do you have any idea about their size and weight? Their size is in hundreds of meters. Moreoverve know that wind velocity is high at some height. So we need a very large civil structure to stable and rise that huge wind turbine in the air. Larger height of wind turbine, larger is its production. but we have limitations. We cannot raise these wind turbine above certain height due to limited strength and load carrying capacity of civil structure. Good wind potential exists at heights. But to raise our wind turbine to such height we need a very strong base structure and it will be very costly. A new wind turbine has solved these issues. This new wind turbine is called as MARS (Magenn Air Rotor System).

MARS is a floating type wind turbine. It floats in the air. It is like a big gas balloon. It has Blades at it periphery and is floated and stabilized in air by the help of rope. So no need of a very heavy civil structure. It can be raised at any height where every time air is available and at a very good speed. Electricity production by MARS is explained in this video.

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When air flows through MARS it rotates. Generators are at the end of MARS which are connected to ground with rope or cable. Construction of MARS is shown in these figures:

Construction of MARS MARS Generator

Helium gas is used in the MARS. When MARS rotates, it rotates generators located at the end which produce electricity and transfer it to ground and then grid station. Grid station further provides it to homes.

There are many advantages of MARS. First one is that it will be first high altitude wind turbine. It will work at a height at which air is available all the time. Second Advantage of MARS is that its manufacturing and installing cost is less than that of our present wind turbines. Not a huge civil structure is required. It will float in air by the help of rope. Third advantage is that it can be installed anywhere because wind is available at every place but at certain height and there is no limitations of height with MARS. And an additional advantage is that it will be bird friendly.