MagicJack is a well known alternative to traditional phone service. Your MagicJack account login offers a cheap and dependable option for affordable long distance telephone charges as well as competitive local calling. The companies commercials have been all over the TV for a while now and even after all this time a lot of people are only starting to get to know the service that MagicJack provides.

Online Phone Service

MagicJack Account LoginMy.MagicJack is the online access to this online phone service company. Like its many online phone service competitors Magic Jack is not all that different. You plug the device into your computer and without wires you are simply connected.

Skype is a well known competitor which is often thought of as a more tech friendly company whereas MagicJack and all the various Magic Jack products are targeted to the non-tech savvy user. You do however have to go online and get things setup and that's where your MagicJack login at comes into the picture.

MagicJack Account Login Information

To get started you will have to have to go to the MagicJack account login screen over at My and enter your information to personalize your account settings. If you haven't already this is where you will open your MagicJack account. You will of course need a valid email address, phone number, and will eventually get a MagicJack account number to use for future logins.

The top reasons MagicJack is so popular is because the service is very simple to use even if you aren't good with computers and second the prices for service are very low and competitive. MagicJack long distance and local service rates are non-traditional and easy to understand and their website goes over the information quite clearly.

In fact, even if you don't have the service it may be worth heading over to the My MagicJack login page anyway to compare what you are currently paying for phone service compared to what you could be paying with VOIP internet phone service. The Magic Jack service definitely isn't for everyone but you may be surprised to see that it could work for you.