You can perform USB troubleshooting on a MagicJack phone. The MagicJack USB device will show "warning you must plug MagicJack into USB" if your USB drive does not recognize your MagicJack device. This problem can be challenging to solve because MagicJack USB troubleshooting is difficult if you are not familiar with USB drives. It is frustrating because you thought it was going to take three minutes to set up and you would easily save hundreds of dollars on your phone bill.

Fortunately with a few quick USB troubleshooting steps you can repair the problem your USB driver has with recognizing your MagicJack device. Keep this page open in your browser so you can refer back to it if you have any problems USB troubleshooting. I am going to explain each step thoroughly for people that are not firmiliar with computers and how USB drivers work.


  1. Go to My Computer on your desktop

2. Right Click and scroll all the way down to Properties

3. Click on the Hardware tab

4. Select the Device Manager icon
This lists all the hardware devices installed on your computer.
Use the Device Manager to change the properties of any device, including your USB drive.

5. Scroll down untill you find Universal Serial Bus Controllers (USB)

6. Click on the + sign next to Universal Serial Bus Controllers

7. Find Universal Host Controller and Right Click

8. Select Uninstall

This USB troubleshooting will cause your USB drive on your computer to recognize the MagicJack USB device. I know you had to do quite a bit of searching to find out how to perform USB troubleshooting for your MagicJack, but now you can start saving money. Another hint for MagicJack phone users is to use an AC powered USB hub. Your MagicJack will operate better when it is connected to a USB hub that has its own power source. Often times a computer's USB drive is not strong enough to handle the workload of a MagicJack phone.

Here is an AC powered USB hub available from Amazon.USB troubleshooting hub