Magic Revealed

As the famous Sam Loyd stated " the number 9 is not imbued with supernatural characteristics, it is it's position as the last digit in our numerical system which leads itself to many flexible uses. Therefore this number has known to have magical properties when used in mathematical equations. In this magic trick you will see how the number 9 can be used to find out a person's age, without them telling you and only asking for limited information, but with anything you will need to practice this trick to master it. Once you do you will be able to do it flawlessly with out any effort , it will be automatic.Here's how the trick is revealed.

Choose a spectator (making sure it's someone you couldn't possibly know ) He is to give you the following information and to write it down on paper, but make sure that you are turned away from him at this point so you cannot see what he writes.
He is to write down his age, let us assume that he is 34 he is to write the magical number 9 beneath that, or is this case we will use 90,just to keep with the number 9 theme. If all goes well it should look something like this.

34 + 90 = 124

Tell him he is to cross out the first number in the total (124) which will be the 1 and add it to the 24 which will now make the total (125) it should look something like this.

Cross out the 1 which leaves 24 then add the 1 so it is now 1 + 24 = 25.

Now at this stage simply add 9 to the total (25) so it now reads. 25 + 9 = 34 and theres your answer.

It doesn't matter what their age is if you follow the above process to the tee, you will always come up with the correct age, and in this case the spectators age is 25. To prove this theory try it on yourself and you will see that by adding the magical number nine you will always get the right answer no matter how you do it, i am more than happy to reveal this magic trick to you ,some may already know it but if you don't then have fun with it and get out there and find your next victim