Every Household can use magic-erasers

One of the worst jobs in any household in my opinion is house cleaning.  And some of the worst things to clean are tiles, fridges, showers, toilets, and don’t forget how hard it is to remove coffee stains; in fact there are hundreds of places that need that extra something to get it clean.  That’s why the power of magic-erasers make household cleaning so easy.

I have tried many things to clean the shower and most of them involve harsh chemicals.  You name it I have tried it, most times without much success.  It doesn’t matter how much rubbing and energy that you use. If the hard work doesn’t kill you then the chemical fumes nearly do.

That is the beauty of these magic-erasers; there are neither chemicals nor fumes to harm you. And as we are all so much more aware of looking for a greener way to do everything this is a great way to go.  The best part of all, they work.

What are erasers made of?

Most erasers are made from melamine foam.

What else do you need to clean with an eraser?

All you need to do is dip the eraser into some water then squeeze out the excess. Now use as a normal dishcloth. I always use a larger piece, as you use less that way and they last longer.

What can you clean with Erasers?

I have used erasers on:

  • Cleans the body fat or marks from the shower
  • Removes coffee stains from cupboard tops
  • Removes scuff shoe marks from tiles or linoleum
  • Removes marks from inside fridges and off surrounding rubber seals
  • Removes children’s crayon drawings from walls
  • Removes ink marks
  • Removes black diesel exhaust marks from our caravan


Ladies this is the best tip of all:


If you tint or use permanent hair color then you know just how hard it is to remove permanent color splashes from walls and cupboards.  I had this problem again yesterday even though I was careful.  It splashed up onto my cupboard above the hand basin.


The answer was right in front of me.  I used my Mr. Clean Eraser and presto, no more color splashes. They were gone with just a couple of wipes.  I could not believe it. 

Note:  These may not work on porous materials like on ceilings.


They also work great on:

  • Microwaves
  • Shoes
  • Stoves
  • Sinks
  • Tiles
  • Bathtubs

Some other Types of magic-erasers you can buy:

These come in a variety of sizes and different quantities.  You can also buy other Mr. Clean products:

  • Mr. Clean magic-eraser squeeze mop
  • Mr. Clean magic-eraser refill
  • Mr. Clean magic-eraser scrubber
  • Mr. Clean magic-eraser variety tub
  • Mr. Clean magic-eraser bath scrubber
  • Mr. Clean magic-eraser kitchen Scrubber
  • Mr. Clean Home Pro extra magic-eraser
  • Mr. Clean extra power magic-eraser

Other things melamine foam have been used for

For many years a form of melamine foam has actually been used for soundproofing and insulation in a variety of different situations.


Cons of Erasers

I have only found two things against them:

  • They could last a bit longer
  • Always test on a small section before jumping right in as they may not be good on polished or painted surfaces.
  • To lessen any damage on these surfaces remove extra dirt and grit first before using eraser on it.


I was given my first magic-eraser and have to admit it sat in the cupboard for months.  Then one day I came across it and decided to try it on my caravan shower and was so amazed at the power and ease of which it removed the marks that I was hooked, and have been using them ever since.

Personally I have found that it is best to buy the larger magic-erasers rather than the smaller ones as they are easier to handle and last longer than a lot of small pieces as they break up easier.