The Magic Jack


-Free Local and Long Distance
-Free Directory Assistance
-Free Phone Number
-Free Call Waiting
-Free Voicemail
-Free Caller ID
-Emails you Voicemails
-Can take with you


-Still waiting for one...

Full Review

The Magic JackSo everyone has heard of the Magic Jack by now, and if you have not, then you live under a rock. Basically the way it is presented is as the end all for all phone companies. This little piece of equipment plugs into you computer via the USB port. On the other end is a phone jack that you can plug a phone into if you want, otherwise you can just use a headset for your computer. Still with me? I chose to get a real phone and plug the line into the magic jack and use it that way. After you plug it into your computer, it will automatically install the needed software and take you through a walk through were you can set up your setting and your new personal phone number. They even have a area where you can create a vanity number for a minimal fee.

So what are the worries? My major one was, TOO GOO TO BE TRUE. I was fighting with myself for about a month before I actually bit the bullet and stopped into radio shack to grab one. Well, you can put that concern to rest. The voice quality is great, I have had zero problem with the magic jack at all. It comes with a full year of FREE long distance, FREE voice-mail, FREE call waiting, and lots of other features. Speaking of voice-mail, if you receive a new voice-mail, you can check it from any phone, but if you are not around a phone, don't worry, they will automatically send you a copy of the voice-mail in .wav format to you email!

Another cool feature I have found is that if you are traveling, you can take the magic jack with you and make calls for free instead of paying hefty long distance fees on your cell phone or hotel room phone. There is lots of ways to save a ton of cash using the magic jack!

OK OK SO WHAT IS THE CATCH?! There really is none, obviously they have to make money and you are probably wondering how they do. There is a couple ways they make money. They have a ton of cool add-ons like a vanity phone number as I mentioned before. They also have CRAZY CHEAP international prepaid rates you can get, seriously, seriously cheap ie: China as low as 2 cents a minute. Their main way of making money is after your free year, they charge you a fee of $19.95 A YEAR! and if you want you can even lock in 5 years for an even lower rate. Compare that to your $40+ A MONTH the phone companies charge you with phones that have all the features magic jack has.

I hope this review has helped people get over their worries about the Magic Jack. I was hesitant at first too, but now I really can't figure out why EVERYONE does not have one?

In Closing

Get a @#$@#$ Magic Jack.