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As Magic Jack continues to better their reliable phone service, customers have access to downloading a free App.  As long as you are a paying customer and have a Magic Jack website account, you can download the free App to an Android or IOS Apple device.  As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can sign into your Magic Jack account to download the App then make a phone call using your mobile device.  The App is free to existing customers where as before the App was available to anyone who wanted to make a phone call the free way.

If you have a cell phone and a landline phone, you might want to consider switching your landline phone to a Magic Jack phone line.  You will say hundreds of dollars making the switch and you get to keep a landline number for pennies a day.  Take advantage of new technology that allows you to save hundreds of dollars a year.

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The Magic Jack Plus has allowed me to lower my landline phone bill.  Every now and then I must reset the device but for the most part the device works real good.  Because I have a cell phone I did not feel the need to pay hundreds of dollars a year for a landline phone that I did not use everyday anymore.

Making the switch also gave me the ability to make phone calls from my mobile devices like my iPad and iPod.  The Magic Jack Plus has their very own App.  When the App first became available it was free for all but now the App is free to only Magic Jack customers.  So if you are in the market to saving money on your landline phone bill, if you decide to buy the Magic Jack Plus, you will receive the App to use for free.  All you would have to do is sign into your account, go to download App and you will be able to make a phone call using a mobile device.  Being able to make a phone call from a mobile device other than your cell phone is a great backup in case your cell phone runs out of battery life or need to make a phone call while someone else is using your cell phone or visa versa.  Not only will you still have the comfort of having a landline phone you can make calls, check messages and access settings to make changes anywhere you can get online to make a phone call.  No cell phone needed.  Modern technology gradually changing the standard way of making calls.

Magic Jack Plus Product Review

Magic Jack Wireless Phone Service

Switching my telephone service to Magic Jack Plus saves me a about $360.00 a year.  The clarity and quality of telephone calls in my opinion compares to none and gives me the freedom of using my home telephone away from home too.  Sounds pretty good doesn't it?

I was just like so many other people who were skeptics.  I was not able to understand that I could save hundreds of $$$ a year by making a change.  I've seen the Magic Jack's USB device advertisements on TV and on the Internet and I've heard the product promoted on the radio too but fear of the unknown prevented me from switching telephone providers until a friend of mine told me they use Magic Jack Plus in their camper when vacationing and they love it.  They pay $30.00 a year for great phone service so I figured why should I continue to pay about $390.00 a year when I could pay $30.00 a year.  That is a HUGE SAVINGS.

I researched online to find out if any local town stores sold the Magic Jack USB device and Radio Shack did.  I went to Radio Shack, bought it, went home, plugged in the device directly into my computers USB input and within 20-minutes connected to a quality telephone service that will save me hundreds of dollars each year.

I understand saving hundreds of dollars a year using an exceptional telephone service would be enough incentive to make a switch but there are more features and perks I enjoy using too that was not included with the old phone service provider I was using.

1)  One feature I did not receive with the service provider I was using was having a phone conversation through my computer speakers.  I know that many wireless phones have a speaker option available but in my opinion a conversation through my computer speakers is louder, crisp and clear.  I also appreciate being hands free because I can still browse, type and work online with people I do business with and clarity of the call transmitting through the computer speakers helps me not miss any part of the conversation and less of a need to repeat myself.

2)  You can make phone calls with the a free Application offered on mobile devices.  It is so easy to make calls without the need of a smart phone or iPhone.  If you're connected to the Internet you can make a call or check your messages without an actual cellular telephone.

3)  A perk to using the Magic Jack Plus as a phone service provider is that if you move there is one less thing to worry about.  You don't need to call a phone service provider to disconnect your landline connection and there is no need to call a phone company to connect a landline phone service provider at your new residence.  If you have to wait to get Internet Service you can still use the Magic Jack Plus by using the App on any mobile device that connects you to the internet.

4)  The Magic Jack Plus USB device plugs directly into your computers USB input Port or you can plug it in to an electrical socket if there is a Wi-Fi connection in the area.  All you have to do is plug a phone cord into the Magic Jack Plus device.  No extra wires needed to hook it up.  You get the option of using it without a computer and that's a good option to have when you are in the middle of moving into a new home.

5)  When checking Voice Mail you don't need to dial a different number to find out if you have messages.  You simply dial your phone number and when the voice mail starts speaking all you have to do is press on the star/* to retrieve messages.  When checking my Voice Mail with the old telephone service provider I had to dial a 888 number, then dial a code then wait patiently until I was told to press number 1 to hear if I had voice mail.

6)  If you are not ready giving up your landline phone, because of the Magic Jack's affordability, you can use it until you feel confident with the product then cancel your outdated land line provider.

If you would like to lower your phone bill I suggest giving the Magic Jack Plus a try to save hundreds of dollars a year.  The product barely takes up any space and the service is reliable and dependable.

  • A 5-Year Plan for just $99.75
  • Canadian Phone Numbers
  • U.S. Vanity Phone Numbers
  • U.S. Phone Numbers
  • International PrePaid Calling

I'm so much happier knowing I'm saving hundreds of dollars a year when getting a better phone service and I appreciate the Magic Jack App because I don't need to carry around my cell phone and don't need to pay for cell phone service either.  I carry around my iPod and use Wi-Fi Hotspots when I need to make a call.  I live in a very populated area and I have yet the need to buy a mobile Wi-Fi service.  Anytime I need to get on the Internet, my mobile device connects me immediately.  With a little research, a little practice and a little learning, you can cut down your expenses and at the same time be able to use advanced technology.  Keeping an ear out and staying informed with new opportunities and services, in my opinion is necessary unless you enjoy paying more than you have to.

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