Free phone number included
$40 includes the usb internet phone device and a year of calling
$20 dollars a year after the initial Investment
Free Customer Support
Millions of units sold
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding


Some complain about customer service
Phone headset not included
Can't be used in an emergency
US and Canada Customers only
If you loose your Internet connection you loose your phone

Full Review

People who use their phone land line to make long distance calls know how expensive this can turn out to be, especially if they need to make these calls on daily basis. Since cable TV companies started to offer bundled packages including TV, broadband internet and voice services, many land line phone users migrated to these companies, mainly because of the lower prices and because they wanted part of the package anyway, so why not take the whole of it? That⠀ ™s great, but such services aren⠀ ™t available in all areas. Besides, when traveling, people can⠀ ™t use those voice services, therefore they have to make use of the mobile phone, which has higher rates per minute. What if they had an alternative?

This alternative is already here: Magic Jack is a small gadget, just a bit bigger than a USB stick, that links an ordinary phone to an internet-connected computer, thus enabling incoming and outgoing telephone calls, via the VoIP technology. All calls initiated from Magic Jack to any phone number in US and Canada are free, even if the owner of the Magic Jack travels abroad and uses the device with his laptop to call back home from other countries. Calls are free, but the Magic Jack is not: after the initial payment of $40 which includes the device and one year of subscription, the fee goes down to $20 per year. The internet connection and the computer need to be added up as costs, but if one was using them anyway, why not add the Magic Jack and cut the phone bills for good? Magic Jack is available to customers in US and Canada only, but it works from anywhere in the world, so if you have relatives living abroad, just buy them a Magic Jack and you⠀ ™ll be able to talk as much as you always wanted without having to fear the phone bills again. Magic Jack comes with a free, dedicated phone number and with several useful features such as voicemail, call waiting or call forwarding. It also offers a 911 option, but it needs to be set up prior to being able to use it. The phone handset is not included so you need to either use your old one, buy a new one or use earphones and a microphone. Installing the Magic Jack is as simple as plugging it into the USB, waiting for the software to install by itself, then using it. Free customer assistance is also provided, in case you need it. There are some Magic Jack reviews that complain about the quality of the support however.

In Closing