Dan Borislow invented the Magic Jack VOIP phone and it is truly a revolution. Basically, what it does is allow you to make phone calls through your high-speed Internet connection utilizing the voice over Internet protocol (VOIP). This service completely undercuts many of the benefits of traditional service such as having to pay more to make long distance calls.

It is probably best used as a replacement primarily for long distance calls for those people who don't have cell phones or maybe make a lot of calls that they don't want to pay for in their € minutes. This is financially viable because the Magic Jack VOIP phone costs all of $40 for one year. With this payment you receive a USB device which plugs directly into your computer, so your initial fee really includes buying that device and also getting one year of service.

One could consider that they are paying $20 for the USB device and $20 for a year's worth of phone calls. There are no other charges, no matter how many calls you make. If you are happy with the service, then you can renew for just $20 a year after that. You will not need to get any other physical product after this. So basically with Magic Jack you're getting unlimited phone service for $1.67 per month.

Other features of the Magic Jack VOIP phone include 911, 411, and voice mail. Your voice mail is stored on Magic Jack's servers and then delivered to you via your e-mail. Everything obviously centers around the computer and having a reliable high speed connection to the web, which more and more people do everyday.

A brief rundown of how it works is that you first plug in your USB hookup. Then you can merely plug your normal household telephone straight into that. (This is why they use the term jack in the name; because it is a phone jack.) After that you'll be able to simply pick up your phone and talk to anyone in the United States of America or Canada for absolutely free. You can both make calls and receive calls.


In closing, I think this is a wonderful product. The fact is, you don't have much to lose if you end up not liking it. But for those who are looking to be able to make a lot of free long distance calls, I can't think of any good competitor offering such a low price as the Magic Jack.