A magic spell is a formula composed of words and sometimes special actions, or with special ingredients, which is believed to have magical effects through conscious manipulation or autosuggestion with the purpose of a much desired result. Magic love spells are the most popular ones of all. The purpose of a magic love spell is to have the person or persons we love reciprocate that love to us.

I personally think love is magic all on its own. For starters, love makes you feel things you cannot really explain. And we have all heard of love at first sight. Magic makes all this happen simply because we cannot explain why it happens. Magic love spells are simply a way to use that energy we cannot see but that we feel to unite that special other with our own energy. Magic does not make things happen forcefully but out of free will. Things just begin to fall in to place on their own.

Magic has been around since the beginning of human history. For example, in Greek and Egyptian mythology the casting of magic love spells is known to have been practiced. Both cultures have binding spells that were extremely well known in ancient history and are also popular in today's modern age.

Movies and fairytales are replete with magic and easy love spells. The person trying to gain love puts some magic potion in the food or drink and the desired one falls madly in love with them, or the frog turns into a prince after a magic kiss and everyone lives happily ever after. These are the movie versions of magic love spells. But, in real life, its the happily ever after that we haven't yet mastered. Falling in love happens all the time but sometimes the magic fades and the love is gone. Love is elusive yet somehow always intertwined with magic.

So here is a little example of a magic love potion or spell for those of us who need just a bit of help bringing that special energy that seems to pass us by. First you will need some ingredients that are often related with love and passion. It is often helpful to bless or sanctify these components.

•A few large apples
•powdered cinnamon
•yarrow (also known as Nosebleed Plant)
•spring water
•enameled or cast-iron saucepan

You must concentrate on your objective while preparing this potion. Now you will slice the apples place them into the saucepan. Next, coat the apples with cinnamon and place the yarrow on top of the apples. Add enough water in order to submerge the contents and put in a small sprinkle of salt. Make sure you turn the burner heat on low. Begin to stir the contents clockwise, and recite a love charm of your own making (or you can repeat what your wish is). Let the water and ingredients simmer for about 90 minutes then strain and place the liquid into a dark jar. Put a few drops into your perfume or cologne and wear it every four days.

Remember you cannot break free will and what is mean to be will be. Good luck and may you find that love which leads to your happily ever after.