The iMac is desktop option in the Apple computer line-up.  It comes in two sizes: 27" & 21.5" and features an all-in-one design.  The box includes a wireless keyboard and wireless Magic Mouse.  Most people are not aware that Apple retail specialists will replace the Magic Mouse for a Magic Trackpad at no extra charge.

Similarities of Each Device

Both devices uses two AA batteries.  Both devices offer wireless connectivity with the iMac. Both devices allow the user to point, click, and complete gestures, including:

  • Click – touch any part of the MultiTouch surface to move the arrow around the screen and then press to click.
  • Scroll – use two fingers on the MultiTouch surface to scroll vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.
  • Swipe – using three fingers sliding from left to right advances or reverses the page.
  • Rotate – while using the thumb and index finger, rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise to rotate an image.

Magic Trackpad Features

Users comfortable with a laptop track pad will appreciate the Magic Trackpad.  The surface is one large button and provides room for comfortably performing all gestures.  Instead of lifting a mouse a repositioning it to cover wider distances, you lift you hand to reposition it on the track pad.

Magic TrackpadCredit:

In terms of looks, the shape, height and width match that of the keyboard so the two devices look together side by side. 

On the technical side, the Magic Trackpad requires Mac OS 10.6.4. 

Magic Mouse Features

Magic MouseCredit: apple.comThe Magic Mouse includes a MultiTouch surface covering the entire top of the mouse.  The bottom of the mouse includes a laser tracking technology that works on multiple surfaces.  The entire mouse is one big button. 


Bottom Line

There are some people who use both devices.  My personal choice is the Magic Mouse because of the superior ergonomic shape.  My hand feels more comfortable resting on the mouse instead of holding it over the track pad.

However, the mouse has a smaller surface, so repositioning is more common than with the trackpad.