The Fulfilment Of Dreams

“ Anything you dream is fiction, anything you accomplish is science, the whole history of mankind is nothing but science fiction” ,  this was a quotation by  Ray Bradbury and I am writing it in the beginning, for it summarises my  article.  

 When the caveman once thought of running faster than the wild grazing horse, he invented the wheel, which then led to bikes, cars, trains, planes etc, but the man never gave up thinking and dreaming more. And the scientists never gave up inventing the un-imaginable. That process continues till to-date. When somebody through an odd action, or dream or fiction, sets a target, the scientists begin their actions to start achieving it, In some cases, there was a lapse of time, but  in most cases they have performed wonders. Leonardo Da Vinci told us how to fly heavier than air objects by his paintings, 400 years later, Wright brothers invented an aircraft. Same is true about a long list of other inventions.


The Fiction And The Reality

Borne by Jet Powered Solo FlightCredit: - Google

In this rather advanced age, we get ideas  through movies and fiction novels, but the scientists are still not lagging behind. Seen “Iron Man” ?, When wealthy industrialist Tony Stark is forced to build an armored suit after a life-threatening incident, he ultimately decides to use its technology to fight against evil. He builds a flying suit and escapes the detention. It is enviable how the man can fly. To-day his dream has been made a “reality” by many. The photo is of  Aerial adventurer Yves Rossy who flies over the Alps for five minutes with nothing more than the jet equipped wing strapped to his back . Same man also  crossed the English Channel strapped to a homemade jet-propelled wing, aiming for a field near the white cliffs of Dover after a 10-minute solo flight. These guys are re-inventing flying ... they are real flying men like birds or rather bats or eagle ... not flying but gliding from heights of Norway,  men flying like birds. Iron man will really be proud of their achievements. Somebody might laugh and say, “It is not for everybody”, but were not so many inventions and inventors laughed at ? Please see

 Seen "The Story of the Great American Flying Broomstick" series ? flying appears to be such a fun on a broomstick, though I personally would have some worries for the safety, or that I might not tilt over and fall. Probably the scientists understood my worries, or the worries of people like me , and invented a flying car, not the one with Jet powered engine, but your normal routine car and gave it the magic to fly. Apart from its lots of advantages , it saves you the trouble of airport security and the waiting time spent in the lounges. See the video below , and I hope you enjoy it.

Act of Disappearance

Seen Harry potter movies ?, probably the first awe-inspiring scene in the movies is when Harry vanishes from the railway station and re-appears into another world. His invisibility is the symbol attached with aliens and magic wands. Whenever we know something can simply disappear, we get scared, for you never know when and where shall it re-appear and how and where shall it harm us. Thus the invisibility has been the haul-mark of magicians. 

The scientists are not lagging behind. They have invented a cloak, called the “Cloak of invisibility” you put on the cloak and you simply disappear. Don’t believe it? See the Movie below and re-think you answer. 

Cloak of Invisibility

The state of invisibility can give humans, a lots of edge. For example one can enter the prohibited areas , cannot be seen or caught when doing some undesirable act , and of course one can travel around the world, eat in best hotels without paying any bills. Also, if you Want to hear what your boss is really saying about you? Stroll right into his or her office and get the goods. Professor David R Smith(87648)Credit: - Google

To-day, scientists from more than 10 countries claim to have prepared this cloak. The list of these countries includes USA, UK, Japan and China etc. In America alone there are more than 10 universities claiming to have succeeded in  achieving this goal of 

Rock In A StreamCredit: –google

preparing the cloak of invisibility. Duke University, engineering professor David R. Smith is one of those who have  come up with a blueprint for the real thing. His research on a prototype cloak was selected as one of the top-ten scientific breakthroughs of the year in 2006 by Science Magazine.

This new technology is inspired by the same natural phenomena 
responsible for desert mirages. Heated via electrical stimulation, the sharp temperature gradient between the cloak and the surrounding area causes a steep temperature gradient that bends light away from the wearer. In Practical terms it is something made from meta-materials. These tiny structures are smaller than the wavelength of light. If properly constructed, they guide rays of light around an object -- much like a rock diverting water in a stream. 

General Comments

"Beam me upScotty" is a catchphrase that made its way into popular culture from the science fiction television series Star Trek. About 100 years back, Nikola Tesla, The very famous inventor, gave us an experiment known as “Tesla’s Magnetic Wall”, (and is available on the net). This experiment is considered to be the prelude to “Scoty” type of human tele-transportation. (For Nikola Tesla see ).

Gold Bars(87649)Credit: – GoogleAmerican scientist Glen Seaborg has already transformed thousands of atoms of lead into precious gold at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. Mr. Glen Seaborg had discovered that by changing the atomic number in the element lead you would actually cause the lead itself to turn into this highly sought after and coveted /substance known as gold.

What was dream yesterday, is a reality to-day. And the dreams of to-day shall hopefully be a reality to-morrow. That is the way human life shall keep progressing, and humanity shall continue to be benefitted by all scientific works.