For centuries magicians have captivated their audiences by performing grand illusions. People love the excitement and sense of mystery that magic has to offer. If a magic trick is performed well the audience will be left wondering how the magician did the trick.

All great magicians spend years perfecting their tricks which takes a great deal of time and dedication. Even the most famous magicians start out small. Successful illusionist Criss Angel, who is often referred to as a "modern day Houdini," began performing magic tricks at the young age of six.

Criss Angel has spent years perfecting not only his magic tricks but how he presents them. He has not only learned how to be quick with his hands but he has also learned how to charm his audience.

The best magicians in the world are great actors and actresses. Acting is a major part of being a successful magician. Emmy Award winning illusionist David Copperfield began his career as an actor, playing a role in the musical "The Magic Man."

He later played the role of a magician once again in the 1980 horror movie "Terror Train." David Copperfield's ability to act well is what has made him one of the most successful illusionists of all time.

Another trait of successful magicians is secrecy. You may have heard the expression "a good magician never reveals his tricks." It is rare for professional magicians such as David Copperfield and Criss Angel to reveal any of their magic trick secrets, not even to their friends and family.

If a magician's secrets are revealed then the tricks are no longer exciting or mysterious. Not to mention the fact that magicians spend a lot of time and effort creating their own unique magic acts and do not want others to be able to copy their routines.

You do not need to be an expert magician to perform a great magic trick. You can impress your family and friends with your magic skills by choosing one or two small tricks to present and practicing them until you can pull them off smoothly.

There are many places that you can find out how to do magic tricks for free. You can visit your local library to find books on magic tricks, or visit the online video sharing site You Tube and conduct a search for the phrase "magic tricks revealed" to find plenty of magic trick video tutorials.

If you're not sure where to start you may want to begin experimenting with different card tricks, or you could purchase a magic kit for beginners.

Whether you are dreaming of becoming the next David Copperfield or Criss Angel, or you are interested in learning a couple of tricks for fun, here are several tips on how to become a successful performer of magic tricks.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more you practice the better chance you will have of perfecting a magic trick. Practice your trick in front of a mirror to see how you will look to others. Don't perform your trick in front of others until you have completely mastered it.

Build Up the Mystery

Think of ways to exaggerate your performance, making it into a theatrical event. You could try to wow your audience by using costumes, special lighting, or other special effects.

Make Them Laugh

Every great magician incorporates humor into their magic act. You will increase the success of your performance by making your audience laugh out loud.

Be Confident

Good magicians know how important it is to appear confident at all times. If you make a mistake while performing a magic trick don't let it show. Distract your audience by making a joke and then start the trick again.

Never Reveal Your Secrets

If your friends are impressed by your magic tricks the first thing they will ask you is how you did the trick. Remember to keep your magic secrets to yourself so that you and your tricks will remain a mystery.

Study the Experts

Spend time watching famous magicians perform their magic routines. Rent a few magic DVDs or even better, go and check out a live magic show.

Notice how magicians use their eyes and hands to mesmerize their audience and build up excitement. Watch the way that they use humor to distract their spectators. The best way to become an expert magician is to study the experts in action.