Magic 1Credit: invasion in the music industry proves that they are world class performers.  Despite the language barrier (as their songs are usually sang in Korean), they have been selling their albums like hotcakes.  These Korean groups are maximizing their technology advantage, and gaining more fans all over the world.  To prove that, check a video-sharing website and you will see that among the many uploaded videos, Korean music or K-pop has quite a number of views.  This simply shows that more and more people are hooked on the K-pop fever.

Korean music is receiving more nominations, recognitions and awards all around the world.  They are performing in big venues from one country to another, showing their amazing talents both in singing and dancing.  Some of the most popular Korean groups include Girl’s Generation, Super Junior, Big Bang, Beast, 2NE1 and a whole lot more.

 Why K-pop is starting to make a name internationally?

  • Upbeat and Catchy Rhythm – more often than not, K-pop is fun to listen, with its interesting tunes and happy beats. This is how its music gets the attention of all its listeners, from start to finish. During big concerts in a non-Korea speaking country, audience sings with them as if they were singing it using their first language.
  • Loyal Fan Clubs – most Korean fans are dedicated. They make sure that their idols don’t feel awkward while performing. Also, if their idols need their assistance for certain poll voting, the fans are always there with full support, no doubt these Korean groups will bag the award. As an example, Big Bang won as Best New Artist Video in MTV Video Music Awards in Japan.
  • Unique Style of Wardrobe – Koreans have their own sense of fashion which makes them unique from other performers. They are easy to identify - their studded dresses, baggy pants and colorful accessories give them a remarkable aesthetic appeal.
  • K-pop Training – in Korea, before these aspiring performers will be given the chance to perform under a spotlight, laborious training is a must. They will start learning all the basics of performing until the agency finally decides that they are ready to face the public and hit the center stage. The entire training usually lasts for 3-5 years, depending on one’s ability to cope and perform.
  • Physically Attractive – yes, their physical appearance add up to their overall package. If you have noticed, most K-pop groups are composed of handsome men and beautiful women. With this, they easily hook their audience in whatever country they perform. Also, they always give their audience a taste of everything - they become a trendsetter because whatever they wear, it looks good on them.

These Korean groups always give their all when they are on stage. It only shows that sometimes to become a big star among the millions of aspiring stars, you really need to be unique, set your standards high and reach your audience through the authenticity of your music.