The Magimix le Duo juicer is actually the machine that I currently use to make my own fresh fruit and vegetable drinks at home. It is a very easy to use electrical juicing appliance. In the Magimix le Duo review I aim to outline the features that make this such a useful appliance for anyone interested in preparing their own delicious, nutritions health giving juices.

Firstly, this machine is readily available in the U.K. and as far as I am aware Europe too. However for people living outside these areas, myself included, it is more expensive to get hold of. Currently I live in Japan and I paid double what the juicer would have cost me in the U.K. That said, I am still happy with my purchase as I have used it countless times to create my own healthy drinks.

The Magimix le Duo has two methods of juicing. Primarily it is a centrifugal juicer which means we can feed fresh produce into an entry in the top of the juicer, push it down so that it is ground up by sharp "teeth" and then flug against the walls of a fast spinning cylinder where the juice is thrown out to be delivered through a spout into a glass or collection jar. In effect it works kind of like a washing machine on the spin cycle. Mind you, a washing machine does not have the teeth!

Magimix Le Duo juicerThe juicer also comes with a citrus press attachment which can be used with good effect to make orange or grapefruit juice with a pulpy feel. Of course if you prefer a smoother juice without bits then making your orange juice by using the primary juicer attachments described above is perfectly acceptable.

The Magimix le Duo is very easy to use. Of course, it comes with an instruction manual which it is important to ready. But like any self respecting man I just dove in and started using it. Putting the various parts together is very intuitive. When you are juicing using the standard centrifugal method there are only five parts that you use. One of these being the bottom motor section, the other four being parts you add onto the top which do the juicing and must be cleaned after each and every use. Putting the parts of the juicer on top of the base section is easy as it does not let you add the next section until the preceding part has properly clicked into place. This is actually part of the safety system of the machine, in that if you try to detach the top section while the machine is in use, the power is automatically shut off. This both helps to avoid a messy kitchen with fruit pulp flying everywhere as well as keeps us from accidentally juicing our fingers!

What I like so much about this machine is that it is easy to assemble, it juices fruit and vegetables very quickly and it is straight forward to clean up after use.

Making your own fruit and vegetable juice is both good for you and fun. I hope you have found this Magimix le Duo review of use.