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Maglite LED conversion kits are very useful in replacing a Maglite that has a conventional bulb design.  Instead of purchasing a newer model, it can be redesigned for cheaper expense. Thus, it is economical. The bulbs vary in number and size. But new developments always come in the market with new promising and better services. Like these days, Maglite offers wide range of LED bulbs. This development might encourage everyone to convert the old Maglite to the new design or features.

In order to convert the old Maglite, a conversion kit is needed. The prices are reasonable anyway that pays you back for a good service. If the Maglite comes with a warranty, it is wise to ask the store personnel first of the possible consequences.  Or, ask for some tips such as technical ones because there are employees who are trained for technical issues.



It has been a trend now to replace the conventional Maglite to LED through Maglite LED conversion kits. Though Maglites already offer good services, these are even made better through the use of LED bulbs. These new bulbs replace the incandescent tungsten bulbs which are the original design. Together with this new design are the far more improvements and benefits that everyone can experience. This new concept is intended to level the new lifestyle of everyone in this highly modern world. All products of science are everywhere and this conversion is one of them.    

Maglite LED conversion kits are available in stores or online sites. There are varied kits that can be chosen from. Not all kits are compatible for the Maglite, so it’s good to choose the kit that is really for the Maglite being purchased.

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In converting the conventional Maglite, there are various benefits that customer can get. These benefits ensure all customers of a quality service that new Maglite models offer. This is not to say that the old ones are not good, still they are efficient, only that there are improvements made. And through conversion, customers do not need to buy a new Maglite. Instead, they can convert theirs in a very affordable amount.

Sample Maglite LED conversion kits

In Maglite LED conversion kits, there are third party kits that aid in the conversion process. Customers need to be cognizant for each so that they can buy the right conversion kit. The following are some of them:

1. Tektite

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This is suitable for Maglite that uses “AA” or “Triple A” cells, or the Solitaire one. This kit has Nichia LED bulb, which can be easily replaced for the old bulb. This new bulb emits a soft white light that is not irritating to the eyes.

2. TerraLux


This is suitable for Maglite that has rechargeable batteries. This kit contains Luxeon LED bulbs that are three watts.  These bulbs are also easy to replace. The replacement only takes seconds. However, after replacing the old bulb with these new ones, don’t forget to turn the new bulbs in 180 degrees or a half turn only. This will ensure that pins of the bulbs are properly position.

The bulbs for this kit are more durable, and brighter. These bulbs are energy saver because the battery can have a life span of 2-6 times than using the old bulbs.

3. Opalec


This kit is suitable for Mini-Maglite that has incandescent bulb. It contains three white LED bulbs and a LED indicator. It indicates the status of the battery such as low power. Another interesting feature is the scratch resistant adapter sleeve and replacement lens. However, Mini-Maglite has an old and new model.  The old model has two holes and this is not compatible for the conversion. To check the holes, gently pull the bulb using the fingers. The new Mini-Maglite is compatible with Opalec New Beam.

Benefits Maglite LED conversion kits

Don’t overlook the benefits of Maglite LED conversion kits.  These are very helpful in everyday use - anywhere and anytime. Whatever the weather and the activity, converted Maglites are reliable. With their much improved designs, the penny used for the conversion is worth its services. A converted Maglite offers convenience and satiety to all customers. The following enumerate these benefits:

1. The Maglite LED bulbs are durable and will not easily shatter because they are well-built.

2. The light is brighter and pleasant to the eyes. With LED bulbs, the room, alley, or backyard for instance can be brightened up much better than the conventional. Even if they are brighter than the conventional ones, they are patented for efficient power efficiency. Moreover, the light can be adjusted because they have balanced optics and refined reflector.

3. The battery lasts longer up to 2 – 6 times than the conventional Maglite. Thus, it is very economical.     Moreover, it is hassle-free because the number of times for recharging is lessened. For non-rechargeable batteries, there’s no need to worry of buying new batteries as often as before.

Tips for Buying Maglite LED conversion kits

That’s how friendly-user  Maglite LED conversion kits are. As customers, make it a priority to check first the compatibility of the kit to your Maglite.  It is easy to remember because the main upgrade kits are made for cells that come in two, three, and four. And these cells must match the Maglite.

And don’t forget to clarify for the warranty. There are upgrade kits that cancel the warranty of the Maglite if converted. Conversion kit such as TerraLux voids the warranty. However, these conversion kits are authorized by the company so there’s no need to worry on this matter.


Maglite LED conversion kits offer the best services that customers can have in using their Maglite. These are the answers for upgrading the functionality of conventional Maglites. Even if the Maglites are old or newly bought, both can be converted. With just little amount on hand it is possible to avail of the awesome and satisfying benefits of conversion. As long as the right or compatible conversion kits are purchased, the Maglite can offer an assurance for working well.