Maglite Flashlights On Sale In All Shapes And Sizes

Maglite has a reputation for making some of the best flashlights available, especially the Maglite rechargeable flashlight. This reputation is why you always find Maglite flashlights close at hand to most law enforcement agencies, rescue squads even the U.S. military. These reliable flashlights can take a lickin' and keep on tickin' with the durability that you have come to expect from a flashlight of this caliber. They are certainly not discount flashlights, but then again, you get what you pay for. I have owned eight different Maglites in my lifetime and have never been disappointed. I'm not even sure how I got started with the Maglite brand, although I suspect it might have started in early childhood- either way, I have really never been disappointed with the craftsmanship of these products.

I was looking to find some Maglite rechargeable flashlight reviews and couldn't find any, so I've decided to write my own. I wanted to do a bit of checking before buying my next flashlight, but I decided to go ahead and get it anyway. I'm so glad that I did; the Maglite name is certainly one that I trust, and for good reason. Once again, I am pleased at my decision to order a Maglite flashlight.

I ordered the Mag Charger Rechargeable Flashlight System from my local hardware store. It was a bit expensive, but still within my allocated budget for a flashlight. (And can you really have too many Mags?) It comes with a new high capacity rechargeable NiMH battery, which allows for longer battery life and more usage. It also came with a 120 volt converter, 12 volt power adapter, mounting brackets and a nifty charging cradle. 

Mag Charger Rechargeable Flashlight System Specs

The halogen lamp is clear and bright, as expected with Maglite products and has a tempered glass lens. I love the spare bulb that rests conveniently inside of the cap at the end of the flashlight. You can adjust the beam easily, depending on what you need to illuminate. The charger operates on either A/C or D/C, whichever you need, depending on your charging location. The contact rings on the Mag Charger Rechargeable Flashlight allow you to charge your flashlight in any position, which makes using a rechargeable flashlight easy and convenient. I have never had any problems charging this flashlight, nor do I need to fuss with it to ensure good contact; just put it on the charger and go about about my business.

This flashlight is made of high quality material that will protect the inner functions of the flashlight. I have dropped this flashlight twice, and have not had any trouble with it as of yet. It has a limited lifetime warranty (in the Western Hemisphere) and a Ten Year Limited Warranty elsewhere. I appreciate Maglite's generous warranty, it gives me piece of mind about my purchase. Because this rechargeable flashlight is a bit of an investment, Maglite does have them serial numbered in case you ever need to file a claim.

An impressive 12 19/32" long, with a barrel diameter of 1 9/16", this flashlight is a great size. Well, a great man size, anyway. Then again, I don't like to mess around with flashlight keychains, toy flashlights or miniature flashlights. I like them big, and I like them bright- most importantly, it's got to be reliable. With batteries, this Mag weighs 2 pounds, which isn't too bad...

According to the Maglite website, the NiMH accessory battery pack is compatible with ANY and EVERY Mag Charger® flashlight and charger, regardless of when they were made. How's that for ease of use and convenience? I didn't know that until I had already purchased the product.

Where To Buy Maglite Rechargeable Flashlights

As I mentioned earlier, I had to special order this flashlight from my local (tiny) hardware store. Surprisingly, they didn't carry this flashlight at Sears or Home Depot, although I suspect that they may start broadening the availability of this flashlight if they want to sell more of them. I'm not a huge internet ordering person, but I'm sure you could easily order a Maglite Rechargeable Flashlight online from just about anywhere and get free shipping or some type of cool deal. Even better, you won't have to wait the 3 weeks like I did in order to get your new torch. Once you get it, it will be hard to put it down. You'll find yourself making excuses to go out at night just to enjoy using it. Pop it back in the charger when you're done and it will always be ready for your next use.

The Maglite Rechargeable Flashlight is impressive, and the Maglite customer service is responsive if you ever need them. I think this rechargeable flashlight is an excellent choice and is a great investment.

Magcharger Rechargeable Flashlight

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