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Many civilizations have utilized magnet power to relieve pain. They were thought in ancient times to drive illnesses out. Nowadays, magnets are used in magnetic echo imaging and several are used or implanted outside the body to deliver electromagnetic pulses.

Magnets are also offered for use in belts, shoes, jewelry, and mattress pads. These static magnets are thought to assist bones to repair themselves once fractured. Some doctors utilize magnets for management of blood disorders like decreasing toxic materials, circulation and increasing blood oxygen.

Although there is very little scientific proof that today supports that magnets are helpful in managing pain, supporters claim that when you bare portions of the body to magnetic fields, the end result is positive. Different health specialists usually agree that magnets work by obstructing pain.

Medical magnets are useful for the following disorders:

• Neuropathy from Diabetes:

When neuropathy occurs from diabetes, magnetic foot pads are occasionally utilized to alleviate pain and numbness in the feet.

• Chronic Back Pain:

Strip magnets attached to the back or by utilizing a magnetic brace for the back can relieve pain.

• Fibromyalgia:

This incapacitating condition can be aided by using a magnetic mattress when sleeping.

• Headaches:

Magnetic headbands can help eliminate your headaches or you may place magnets on the back of your head using tape.

Some studies propose that many pain sufferers can be aided by Magnet Therapy for Pain.
Magnets can increase the blood flow to painful parts of the body relaxing the capillary wall and stop painful muscle twinges by stopping the “pain message” sent from the brain.

For the past few years the search for products to provide relief from pain has been in the forefront of medical research. Because of the positive results many more studies utilizing Magnet Therapy for Pain, has led to more research being scheduled in the future.

Magnets utilized for medical reasons can cost from about five dollars to one hundred dollars.

Reduce Shoulder Muscle Pain with Magnetic Pain Therapy