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Magnetic building toys for kids may seem a little on the high tech side when compared with some of the toys we played with some years back. The good news is that while we may be stumped the kids are used to it, due to the fact that many toys have gone high tech in order to stay competitive. There is something to say, however, for the good old days when magnetic toys were just a few letters and numbers that we stuck on the fridge to help us learn our abc's and how to count.

The best magnetic toys for kids as far as parent's are concerned are the ones that are geared toward education as well as fun. There is nothing wrong with this way of thinking as long as the kids don't know it. Once they suspect that you have tricked them into learning the toy is no longer fun, at least they don't want you to know that they think it is fun. It's the I'll teach them to make me learn when all I want to do is play kind of thing. This is how most kid's minds work, so you have to be one step ahead of them and do what is known as reverse psychology, which is what veteran parent's do.

When it comes to magnetic building toys or any other kind of toys, a balance of educational toys and just plain fun toys can be difficult. What kids want, and what parents want for their kid, is where the conflict lies. The good news is that there are many various types of magnetic toys on the market so there shouldn't be any problem in this area as long as both child and parent agree. The parent has the final say so, but kids, especially older ones, should have some input.

The older kids tend to lean toward magnetic toys that are scientific in nature since they like to combine scientific exploration with fun and games. Their minds naturally become curious about magnetic fields and other phenomenon that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is amazing what kids can learn from playing with magnetic building toys as well as scientific magnetics. The truth be known I learn from them too and many times this interaction becomes family fun time.

Even the smallest of kids love to play with magnetic building toys and many times this is because no matter what is created it means something and the best part is that whatever it is, it doesn't fall apart easily. Then they will come running to you and proudly say look at what I made. Of course, you may not be able to figure out what it is, but it doesn't really matter.

If your kids don't have any magnetic science kits or magnetic discovery kits it's about time to invest in a couple. This will keep the kids busy and fascinated for hours on end, which can either free you up to do something else or enable you to use the time to interact and play with the kids.

Magnetic games and toys, as well as just plain magnets, are also an excellent choice for kids to play with during travel. Keeping kids busy and entertained on a road trip can be a challenge or you risk dealing with the repeated and annoying question are we there yet? Better yet, no need to worry about magnets leaving a mess; just drag a magnet and presto they're picked up.

Popular Magnetic Games and Toys

One of the most popular magnetic games is the Melissa and Doug 10 Piece Fishing Game. Cost is under $10 and there are 72 reviews with a 4+ star rating on Amazon to check out. Not only this game fun it also develops eye- hand coordination, visual perception and fine motor skills.

Magna- Tiles 32 Piece Set by Valtech Co. is a best selling magnetic building toy that is way cool. A little high tech, but kids really get into it, as the possibilities are endless. Kids will become familiar with geometric shapes; understand math and science skills as well as problem solving skills. There are 76 reviews with a 5 star rating; however, it is not cheap at just under $100.

Next, we have MagZ-X 106 Piece Construction Kit MX 106 made by MagZ. Going back down in cost, it is priced at an affordable $25.  Building magnetic domes, bridges, tunnels and arcs with balls and bars has never been so simple. Limitless creativity for kids age 5 and up. Also, check out Mega MagZ and Super MagZ, they too, have high ratings and positive reviews.

Magnetic science can be fun too with the Learning Mates Electricity and Magnetic Combination Kit. It has a 4 star rating and is priced just under $30. Includes: power source, connectors, magnets and instruction booklet to help kids explore the connection between electricity and magnets.

For travel we have the Melissa and Doug License Plate Game. This magnetic game teaches kids names and locations of states as well as how to identify the license plates by their design. Priced at $20 it appears to be worth every penny, since it has 27 reviews with a 5 star rating.

Magnetix is another popular brand of magnetic building toys. The Magnetix 60 Count Extreme Combo has 8 reviews with a 5 star rating. This magnetic building kit is designed for kids ages 6 and up providing an outlet to create countless objects and fine tune inner creative capabilities. It is compatible with all Magnetix building sets and is priced at $40.

Finally, you will find that magnetic building toys for kids are an excellent way to encourage and enhance creative and imaginary thinking. This makes them not only fun, but thought provoking, which is what kids need more of these days.